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Teams Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an eBook or video in the app? 2019-07-18T10:03:38+00:00

Unfortunately, you cannot buy an eBook or video in the app.

Can I change my subscription in the app? 2019-07-18T10:03:38+00:00

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your subscription within the app. To make changes to your subscription, visit My Account.

Can I download eBooks and videos I have bought in the app? 2019-07-18T10:03:38+00:00

Unfortunately, you cannot download eBooks and videos from within the app. You can, however, download them to access them offline, whether or not you have bought them.

Can I read eBooks or view videos offline in the app? 2019-07-18T10:03:39+00:00

From the app, you can download eBooks or videos even if you don’t own them – offline access to these downloads is only possible inside the app and on the device you downloaded them on.

How can I find the titles I have bought or claimed for free? 2019-07-18T10:01:36+00:00

Click on the ‘My Library’ tab in the top nav of your subscription. These titles will be under ‘My Purchases’.

How do I report errors in an eBook or video (errata)? 2019-07-18T10:01:36+00:00

If you want to report errata, you click on the Help page, click on ‘Submit errata’ and follow the instructions there.

What devices does the app support? 2019-07-18T10:03:39+00:00

The app is available for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets.

What happens to any existing credits I have from my previous personal subscription? 2019-07-18T09:54:15+00:00

If you commence a Teams subscription, any credits you have previously accrued from your personal subscription will remain in place and can still be used. You will continue to accrue credits until your personal subscription automatically ends at your next renewal point.

What is included in a Packt subscription? 2019-07-18T10:01:37+00:00

You have access to 7000+ eBooks and videos that have been published by Packt, along with Learning Paths and Projects.

When I activated my Teams account, I forgot to link my personal account. What can I do? 2019-07-18T09:54:15+00:00

Sorry, at present we cannot retrospectively link a previously used personal account with your Teams account. This can only be done upon activation.

Where can I get the code that goes along with my eBook or video (e.g., Code files)? 2019-07-18T10:01:36+00:00

Log into your subscription and find the relevant title and go into content. You will be able to download the code by clicking on the ‘Code files’ icon at the top of any content page.

If you have any other questions, email: [email protected].