Release Notes: Mapt v0.11.0

Learning new skills is a case of knowing what you need to learn, but also being able to learn as effectively as possible. Our latest major update to Mapt is the addition of global top navigation, which we’ve designed to make it easier for you to access and manage your learning. Read on for a breakdown of the new things you’ll be able to do with the updated interface, along with some of the other additions and improvements we’ve made to Mapt recently.


Global Navigation Bar

We’ve overhauled the Mapt interface by introducing a top navigation bar, making it easier for you to access your existing learning, search for new content, and always know exactly where you are. Here’s a rundown of the major features and benefits that will help get you learning as quickly as possible:

  • Recent titles tab. Your 6 most recent titles are now easily accessible from here, making it easier to switch between titles you are reading simultaneously, and less of a headache for you to learn multiple tech skills at once.
  • Instant, always-on access to My Library, Discover, and global search. Get back to your learning history, Skill Plan, saved titles and bookmarks in just one click.
  • Visually more intuitive experience, with Help and Account cleanly separated from My Library, Discover, and Recent.


Projects are our newest content experience on Mapt. We designed them based on the realization that finding time to learn is difficult, so the series provides a fast route into practical content which shows you how to build an application or solve a problem, ideally in 2 hours of learning.

We released 20 projects in August, and since then we have created 30 more on everything from Python, to React, and Android. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve the projects experience, please reply to this email and let us know!



  • Clearer label for current title in reader sidebar.
  • Clean separation in sidebar between Table of Contents and Bookmarks tabs.
  • Top navigation bar hidden on scroll – no interference when viewing content.
  • Focused reading window with clear margins, making for an easier visual experience, and facilitating those long periods of learning.

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