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Mapt Monthly

$29.99 a month. No contract.

  • Start with a 14 day free trial

  • Simple monthly pricing, no contract

  • Money back guarantee

  • Unlimited access to 6,000 eBooks and videos

  • 1000+ technologies including Angular, AWS, Blockchain, C#, C++, Machine Learning, React & Python

  • Early access to new content

  • Learning progress tracker to monitor your progress

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Mapt comes with a growing feature list

An extensive library deserves cutting edge features – that’s why we continually expand the tools and tech available on Mapt to enable you to learn in more ways than ever before, all for a monthly fee of just $29.99.

  • Unlimited access to 4700+ books and 1300+ videos

  • iOS and Android app for both phones and tablets

  • A DRM-free eBook or video every month

The Mapt Mobile App

Take your learning offline with downloadable content

As a Mapt Subscriber you are able to take your eBooks and Videos with you thanks to our newly launched mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

  • Available to all Mapt subscribers

  • Download whole eBooks and Video sections
  • Works on both Android and iOS phones & tablets
  • Seamless integration with your existing Mapt bookmarks, history and progress

Solutions for all developers.

We understand all developers are different. Our range of eBooks, videos and courses span 50 different tech areas. You can access every title for just $150 a year.

  • Web development eBooks for Java, Python and more

  • Guides to DevOps with Virtualization and Cloud Networking

  • Video tutorials on programming with Python and C++

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