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We understand the need to stay ahead of the curve in technology, with new developments in languages and tools regularly being released. Whether you’re looking to take your first steps in learning Python, or you’re an experienced C++ programmer taking the next step in your career, Packt is the perfect place to grow your skills.

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When technology changes so quickly, it pays to be prepared. Quick solutions are great, but comprehensive content coverage gives you clarity and the confidence you need to deliver. That’s where Learning Paths come in. They’ve been designed to develop your skillset – not just give you the answer.

Our learning paths guide you through the process from start to finish, giving you confidence in your learning from the outset.

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Getting Started with Python

10 hours

Understand key data structures and how to program Python in an object-oriented way, learn to test applications and improve performance.


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Improving your AngularJS Skills

15 hours

Improve your skills with AngularJS. Control your web pages with directives, handle asynchronous programming with Promises…


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Get 7,500+ programming and development titles for a discounted annual price.

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Analyzing Text Data in Python

3 hours

Learn how to develop natural language processing (NLP) applications to extract insights from text data!



Beginning Python

a day

Learn the basics of Python with a series of lessons, activities, and challenges..



Access to Interactive Courses

Getting into code quickly is essential if you want to learn new skills and understand complex concepts with as little friction as possible. Interactive Courses do this with hands-on labs with coding exercises – this means you can write code in a live coding environment while reading tutorial content.

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