Introducing Packt+ and FAQs

//Introducing Packt+ and FAQs

Introducing Packt+

At Packt we publish how tech works in practice: our authors and users are engineers and builders, and we are on the side of professional communities and open source. We’re always working on better ways to deliver value to tech professionals, and that’s where Packt+ comes in.

Packt+ will turn our subscription library into an end-to-end service for busy tech professionals, enabling you to advance your knowledge, keep your skills up to date, and solve technical problems – our commitment is that we’ll always have the content you need.

We need your help with the next stage of developing our improved subscription service and would like to invite you to a beta here. For more information first though, here are some short FAQs:

1. What exactly is Packt+?

Packt+ will be an improved version of the existing Packt subscription, more than just a library of all our content. We will add new content types in more areas, and curate the body of knowledge for your specific needs, with a powerful new UX to more easily find what you’re looking for or explore connections between technologies.

2. What problems are we trying to solve with Packt+?

Continuously updating your tech knowledge isn’t easy:

  1. The technology landscape is always changing, and in your professional role you need to work out what you don’t know, and what you need to know.
  2. There’s more noise than ever before — influencer, bloggers, content marketing, DevRel. With so much information being pushed at you, how do you get right to what matters?
  3. Deep understanding requires deep work and focus, and much of the freely available information out there is fragmented and disorganised.

3. What will Packt+ offer?

The existing Packt subscription is all about content breadth and technology coverage, and that is still at the heart of the service. We want to build on that in a few key areas:

  • Exclusive new content types for subscribers only, such as practical side projects to help you quickly upskill and newsletters from experts in the field to keep you up to date
  • A commitment that we will use our network of tech experts to fill any gaps in our coverage
  • Powerful full-text search functionality to quickly search the whole library database with as much specificity as you like
  • New content linking and navigation features to explore the full knowledge space and advance your understanding of tech
  • A personal knowledge space to manage your learning needs and help adapt the service to your skills profile

4. Will I have to take out another subscription plan to use Packt+?

No, all existing subscribers will automatically be upgraded to Packt+ on the same plan when we go live.

5. When is Packt+ going live?

The product is currently in beta, where we’re focusing on building out these features in the mobile development space. We’ll be testing new features with beta users over the coming weeks and months, and our plan is then to roll out into other tech areas and then ultimately launch Packt+ to everyone.

6. What is Packt+ Beta?

We’re testing these new features in the mobile development space right now, sharing initial platform feature designs and new content types for feedback. If you’re interested in mobile development, we’d love it if you could join and help us build a better product – here’s what you get as part of the beta experience:

  • Exclusive early access to new content types and titles before they’re published
  • Early access to new features as we design and iterate them with your feedback
  • You can make content requests that we’ll do our best to then quickly commission
  • Live support and advice from our experts on how to get the most out of our content
  • The opportunity to discuss your projects with like-minded subscribers, but only if you want to

At the moment we’re using a Discord channel to provide access to these features of the Packt+ beta. If you’d like to join, simply click here: :

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