Organize your favourite content with playlists

//Organize your favourite content with playlists

Organizing your favorite content in a way that’s relevant and useful to you is an integral part of any online library.

Many subscribers have been telling us how valuable such a feature would be on Packt, which is why we’re excited to announce that a new Playlists feature is now live on the platform.

Playlists allow you to save and sort titles in whichever way you want. Want to put together the best React content? Put it in your personal React playlist. Want to group together your favorite Go products? Start a new Golang playlist.

If you want to add a product to a playlist, all you need to do is click the button on the product page and select the relevant playlist. Easy.

Add content to your playlists on a Packt subscription

You can easily add or remove titles from your playlist inside the playlist section, like this:

Playlists within a Packt subscription

Playlists have replaced ‘Saved Titles’. This means any titles that you’ve saved previously can now be found in a default playlist. You can move these into new playlists if you want to reorganize your personal library.

Start creating new playlists.

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