New Mapt Courses for October 2018

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From hands-on design patterns to perfect your use of React Native, to working with the Blockchain for Enterprise technology, there's an amazing collection of new books and videos newly available for September on Mapt. Application Development React Native helps developers reuse code across different mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Hands-On [...]

New Mapt Courses for August 2018

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From taking command of the Kotlin Standard Library through to building your own RPG with Unity 2018, there's an amazing collection of new books and videos newly available for August on Mapt. Application Development Given the verbosity of Java, developers have turned to Kotlin for effective software development. The Kotlin [...]

New Mapt Courses for July 2018

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From deep learning for application development, to the latest search features with ElasticSearch, don't miss out on the brand new Mapt content available for July. Application Development Step into the world of PyTorch to create deep learning models with the help of Deep Learning Projects with PyTorch. Go from the fundamentals of [...]

Release Notes: Mapt v0.11.0 – Top Navigation Bar

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Release Notes: Mapt v0.11.0 Learning new skills is a case of knowing what you need to learn, but also being able to learn as effectively as possible. Our latest major update to Mapt is the addition of global top navigation, which we've designed to make it easier for you to [...]

New Mapt Courses for September 2017

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Ever wondered why it's called 'fall?' Well, the temperature starts to fall, leaves fall from trees, etc. We may have made all of this up, but you know what we can raise this fall? Your skill level! We don't know much about weather, but when it comes to tech, we've [...]