New Packt Courses for May 2021

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Take a look at our latest releases for this month. Data Data analysis has become an essential skill in a variety of domains where knowing how to work with data and extract insights can generate significant value.Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas will show you [...]

Deno: A Runtime Ready for the Prime Time?

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In this long read we take a look at Deno, a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript applications built with the Chromium V8 JavaScript engine and Rust, created to avoid several pain points and regrets with Node.js. This long read is sampled from Alexandre Portela dos [...]

Upgrading Existing .NET Apps to .NET 5

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In this long read we explore the prospect of upgrading your existing .NET apps to the latest version. We outline the different migration approaches to consider, then discuss some of the key factors relevant to 'lift and shift' (architecture-preserving) migrations. This long read is sampled from Hammad Arif's and [...]

Mastering SAS Programming for Data Warehousing: SAS in a DW

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In this long read we explore how SAS can be used for various functions in the development and maintenance of data warehouses, thanks to its reputation of being able to handle 'big data'. This long read is sampled from Monika Wahi's book Mastering SAS Programming for Data Warehousing. SAS in [...]

Understanding PostgreSQL Index Types – Beyond the B-tree

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In this long read we explore techniques for advanced indexing and high availability fault-tolerant database applications using PostgreSQL 13. Thanks to its reliability, robustness, and high performance, PostgreSQL has become one of the most advanced open source databases on the market. This long read is sampled from Hans-Jürgen Schönig's book [...]

New Packt Courses for April 2021

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Advance your knowledge in tech with these latest releases. Data Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding practical applications across a wide variety of industry verticals, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of them. Developers are looking for ways to make IoT devices smarter and to make users’ [...]

New Packt Courses for March 2021

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Data Python is one of the most popular tools for analyzing a wide variety of data and Data analysis enables you to generate value from small and big data by discovering new patterns and trends. With the updated edition of Python Data Analysis- Third Edition, you will learn to use [...]

Importing CSV Files into Pandas

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  In this long read we guide you on the process of importing CSV files to Pandas. This long read is sampled from Michael Walker's book Python Data Cleaning Cookbook.   Scientific distributions of Python (Anaconda, WinPython, Canopy, and so on) provide analysts with an impressive range of data manipulation, [...]

Flaws in the System – An Inventory of Network Vulnerabilities to Avoid

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  In this long read we take a look at common network and infrastructure vulnerabilities. In essence, vulnerabilities are security weaknesses or flaws in a system that could be exploited by a threat. This long read is sampled from Glen D. Singh's book Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: 200-301 CCNA [...]