Credit Fix for Packt Subscribers – October 2019

By | 2019-10-31T08:50:49+00:00 October 4th, 2019|Feature Release|

We have made an update to credits on Packt. Previously a monthly credit was released on the day of the month a customer originally signed up. This has now changed. From October onwards credits will always be released on the first day of the month. A minority of customers had [...]

New Learning Paths – September 2019

By | 2019-08-30T10:33:13+00:00 August 30th, 2019|Feature Release|

We've just released a range of new Learning Paths. Bringing together the best products to give you a comprehensive journey through a topic or technology that's new to you, they're a really useful way of giving your learning a focus. So, set yourself a learning plan for September and commit [...]

May 2019 Release Notes – New Subscription features

By | 2019-06-03T14:30:11+00:00 June 3rd, 2019|Feature Release|

We've been listening to your feedback and we're pleased to release a series of new features, improvements and fixes to make it easier to search through the Packt library, manage your own content, and get quickly learning with the content you need right now. Here are the new features... Personal [...]

New Packt Courses for May 2019

By | 2019-05-28T08:20:54+00:00 May 7th, 2019|New Packt Titles|

We've got another range of new eBooks and videos this month for you to get stuck into. Covering everything from Swift to TensorFlow, and from Unity to Metasploit, there's something for everyone... Application Development Swift has been quietly growing as a programming language - initially (and still primarily) centered on [...]

New Packt Courses for April 2019

By | 2019-04-09T08:48:54+00:00 April 5th, 2019|New Packt Titles|

Spring is just about here (apologies to Southern Hemisphere readers) - which means it's the perfect time to give your skill set a Spring clean and learn something new. From TensorFlow to AWS Lambdas, our newest releases for April are packed with top notch insights and practical support that will [...]

Learn more for less with a Packt subscription

By | 2019-04-05T08:07:48+00:00 April 5th, 2019|Announcements|

Our goal at Packt is to help developers code, and we know that keeping your technical skills up to date is an ongoing challenge. Whether you're looking for access to the most comprehensive library in tech, or you want to take your learning on-the-go with the Packt app, we [...]