New Packt Courses for September 2019

//New Packt Courses for September 2019

The new academic year is, I like to think, a better time for new year than the real new year (too cold, too dark). It’s the perfect time to start something new and to dedicate time and energy to learning a new skill. With September’s new releases you can do precisely that.

So, check out what’s new below…


Data science is a vast area that’s arguably transforming many aspects of the enterprise. One of the most significant is marketing. Thanks to big data, marketing activities can be supported with significant intelligence – while that sounds good on paper, if not done properly it can lead to poor outcomes. That’s where the data scientist comes in – find out how to use data science in marketing in our new Data Science for Marketing Analytics eLearning product.

MongoDB is still one of the world’s most popular NoSQL databases. Supporting thousands (millions?) of applications and websites, you might even say that it’s an integral piece of the global digital infrastructure. Find out what’s new in the latest release (4.0) with our new video Learning MongoDB 4.

Learning MongoDB 4Data Science for Marketing Analytics


Visual Studio is a hugely popular IDE – the Microsoft team have been working hard in recent years at improving the developer experience, and are clearly wll attuned to the needs of many in the industry. Find out what’s new as well as how to get the most from Visual Studio in Mastering Visual Studio 2019.

Java might be feeling underloved with all the hype that surrounds Kotlin but anyone pretending that it isn’t a fundamental part of the technology landscape is a fool. Indeed, you could do a lot worse than going back to the fundamentals of Java and exploring the language in depth – with Java: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, you can.

All of this month’s new Programming titles:

Java: Tips, Tricks, and TechniquesMastering Visual Studio 2019 (Second Edition)

Web Development

Web components are the future of web development. Reusable and adaptable, they promise to make certain aspects of web development easier and faster. But how do they work? And how can you use them? Getting Started with Web Components features all the information you need.

Level Up Your CSS Animation SkillsReal-World Projects with TypeScript 3

Full stack development is web development today. There’s no excuse for not expanding your knowledge and skills across the stack. This month there are a number of new products that show you how: there’s Learn Angular8 by Creating a Simple Full Stack Web App, and, for those that want to spend some time with React, Learn ReactJS and Web APIs by Creating a Full Stack Web App.

All of our web development titles for September:

Cloud & Networking

Puppet is a popular tool in the configuration management space – you can listen to our recent chat with the team for the Packt Podcast here, but if you want to get to grips with everything that’s new, dive into Learn Puppet 6.

Dockerization - Do more with DockerMastering Windows Server 2019

Looking for an alternative to GitHub? If you’re still unsure about the future of the platform, GitLab is a solid option – it might not be as big as GitHub but it’s still used by millions of developers every day. Whether you’re new to it or want to understand more about how it works and how to get more from it, check out Mastering GitLab 12.

All of our Cloud & Networking titles for September:


Everyone knows the iOS app market is competitive – the real question is what can you do to get an edge? What can you do to stand out from the crowd? You could do a worse than getting to grips with animation using UIKit. Great animations can add style and character to an app in a way that can’t be overstated. Find out how with Learn Swift Animation with UIKit.

Swift 5 Programming for BeginnersThe 7 Day Android App Bootcamp - Android Pie and Kotlin

Crowded House once sang “everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you.” In a way, they predicted the future – now we really do have the weather buried in our pockets, just a few clicks away. Find out how to build your own weather app with Swift Weather Application with REST API.

Mobile titles for September:

Business and Soft Skills

Digital transformation is a bit of a buzzword across business today. But despite the hype, getting a handle on the complexity of the digital space as an organization can be tough. The New Engineering Game explores and explains what digital transformation means in practice and its consequences for engineering leaders and teams in 2019 and beyond.

Microsoft Project Beginners 2019Microsoft Excel Advanced 2019

Windows 10. What’s the deal? Our new Windows 10 video will take you through everything so you can troubleshoot and get the most from it. Easy as pie.

Business and Soft Skill titles for September:

Game Development

Developing a video game can be complex – it can take time, especially if you want to get the details right. That’s where design patterns come in – they simplify certain elements so you can focus on what really matters. Get stuck into some key patterns for Unity with Game Development Patterns with Unity 2019.

Game Development with Unity and C# - Save the BunnyGame Development with Unity and C# - Build a 2D Target Shooting Game in One Hour

Need a more basic introduction to Unity? Before you get into the design patterns, we recommend trying your hand at building some of the mini projects in Unity by Example: Build 20+ Mini Projects in Unity.

Game Development titles for September:

Security, IoT and Hardware

Wireshark is an enduring part of the pentesting toolkit. Add it to your skill set with Learn Wireshark.

Hacking AngularJS ApplicationsImproving your Penetration Testing Skills

Security protocols are an often overlooked part of cybersecurity. Get to grips with them with SSL Complete Guide – HTTP to HTTPS.

Security, IoT and Hardware titles for September:

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