New Packt Courses for October 2019

//New Packt Courses for October 2019

Fall has well and truly entered the picture – which means (for the northern hemisphere at least) that the nights are getting longer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – if anything it means you now have an excuse to stay in, shut the world out and spend some time developing new skills and dipping into some new concepts.

Here’s what’s new this month to get you started…


Testing is one part of the development lifecycle that’s often overlooked – indeed, many issues that projects face down the line could have been fixed with better testing processes. This makes automated testing vital. While it certainly isn’t a replacement for manual testing, it does provide a foundation that will offer some level of quality control over the code you release. Learn how to do it effectively using Python with Automated Software Testing with Python.

React Router is an important API within the React ecosystem. It’s useful for building single page apps and websites that allow the user to navigate without the page refreshing – which means it can help you achieve a seamless and stylish user experience. Learn it with our new Hands-On React Router video.
Mastering Git and GitHub - A Practical Bootcamp for BeginnersPython and PHP Programming Bundle

Web Development

Flask is one of the most popular Python web development frameworks. Often compared to Django, it’s a lot more lightweight and Pythonic than its cousin. So you get more flexibility and control over your projects (although admittedly you don’t have everything given to you like you do with Django). Find out everything you need to start using Flask in The Ultimate Flask Course.

If you want to use Django instead of Flask, you’re in luck – we’ve also just published a video guide to full stack development with Django and Angular. Find out how to use both popular frameworks with Full-Stack Web Development with Django and Angular 8.
Full-Stack Web Development with Django and Angular 8Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps


PyTorch is often overshadowed by TensorFlow, which is a shame. There are many reasons to use the Facebook-backed deep learning tool, one of which is that it’s actually a much gentler learning journey than Google’s more hyped library. Find out how to perform reinforcement learning with PyTorch with our new Hands-on Reinforcement Learning with PyTorch video.

But despite our love for PyTorch, we’ve still got plenty of TensorFlow content coming your way. With TensorFlow 2.0 finally being released to the world, October is a big month for the project – we think the best place to get up to speed with everything that’s new is Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 in 7 Steps.
Hands-on Reinforcement Learning with PyTorchSQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics

Cloud & Networking

Kubernetes is rapidly taking over the tech landscape. And although we urge you to be cautious when using it (it’s not right for every use case, despite the hype), there’s certainly a lot to be gained from learning how it works. Even if you’re not using it now – or not going to use it in a project in the next 6 months – it’s likely that at some point it’s going to have an impact on how you work. So, get a head start with Hands-On Cloud Native Development with Kubernetes.

Ethical hacking is the front line of cybersecurity. But what does it actually involve? Find out in our new The Complete Ethical Hacking Course.
The Complete Ethical Hacking CourseIntroduction to Windows Server 2016 for Beginners

Business & Soft Skills

AutoCAD is a prominent tool in the design space. It’s hard to escape it. Find out how to use it with The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course.

The cultural change that comes with digital transformation isn’t always easy to manage. It can be disruptive from both a people and processes perspective. Learn how to make sure it’s done properly with Learn BPM – Lean Business Process Management Change Skills.
Lean BPM - Lean Business Process Management Change SkillsCreate Photorealistic House from Scratch to end in AutoCAD

Security, Mobile, Game Development & Hardware/IoT

Ionic 4.0 marked a big change for the project. Released at the beginning of 2019, it shifted from being backed by Angular to Web Components. This was significant: it signalled that the Ionic team were prepared to shift things in a way that future proofs the tool, even if it could disrupt the success and popularity it has seen in the last few years. Find out how to put Ionic 4 into practice with Ionic 4 Projects.

What does it take to be an Android developer? What kind of skills do you need now? And what skills might you need in the future? We’ll show you in our new video The Android Developer’s Journey.
The Android Developer's JourneyWeb Hacking Secrets: How to Hack Legally and Earn Thousands of Dollars at HackerOne

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