New Packt Courses for May 2020

//New Packt Courses for May 2020

Take a look at our latest releases that have been added to our Packt Library this month…


C++ is a language that has evolved over the years and the latest release, C++20, is a reflection of how C++ has been constantly enhancing the language feature set. With the latest version, you’ll explore an array features, Expert C++ will be your guide to learning the intricacies of the language, techniques and tools, as well as the new features introduced.

Become well-versed with Git and GitHub fundamentals, and learn all the necessary skills you need to work through open source projects with our latest course Git Essentials: Become a Git and GitHub Ninja

Although a favorite language for high-performance applications in many domains, C++ also requires programmers to take great care while using dynamic memory as not being cautious could lead to problems such as memory leaks. Our latest video course, Detecting Memory Leaks in C/C++ Applicationswill give you the skills you need to use CRT heap functions confidently to detect and isolate memory problems.

Expert C++Detecting Memory Leaks in C/C++ Applications

Web Development

Understanding how React Native differs from React can be difficult to translate into a working proof of concept. React Native Projects aims to bridge that gap between primary knowledge of React Native and its implementation, whilst focusing on developing practical applications to handle issues such as UI/UX concerns.

If you need your microservices running in the cloud without impacting your customers or harming your revenue, then take a look at our course Managing Microservices in Practice.

Looking to learn a new skill? Our latest course, JavaScript for Beginners, will guide you on your journey to becoming a confident JavaScript developer by equipping you with the right techniques and knowledge of essential concepts.

JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main ProjectsReact Native Projects (Second Edition)


There is an ever increasing demand for people with digital image processing skills with the advancements in wireless devices and mobile technology. Python Image Processing Cookbook will provide comprehensive coverage of the relevant tools and algorithms to guide you through analysis and visualization for image processing.

Interactive Data Visualization with Python will help you sharpen your data exploration skills whilst telling you everything there is to know about interactive data visualizations in Python. Become the go-to person for transforming data visualizations into engaging and interesting stories.

Interactive Data Visualization with Python (Second Edition)Python Image Processing Cookbook

Cloud & Networking

Network Automation Cookbook is designed to help system administrators, network engineers, and infrastructure automation engineers to centrally manage switches, routers and other devices in their organization’s network. Learn how to build a network infrastructure that can be easily managed and updates as it scales through a large number of devices.

If you are taking the Microsoft AZ 900 exam, then our course AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification 2020 will help you to become fully equipped the knowledge required to pass the exam.

Network Automation CookbookAZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification 2020

Business & Soft Skills

Are you working on automating mobile or tablet testing? Do you have an application developed in Angular JS that involves complicated user interactions? If so, then Selenium WebDriver is the course for you. This course will help you get to grips with performing actions like drag and drop, resizing, and drawing whilst also learning how to open the developer toolbar to monitor your applications network traffic.

Security, Mobile, Game Development & Hardware/IoT

Mobile forensics is the science of retrieving data from a mobile under forensically sound conditions. In our updated fourth edition of Practical Mobile Forensics, delve into the concepts of mobile forensics and its importance in today’s world.

If you want to develop industry-standard embedded systems and keep up with the evolution of the Internet of Things, then MicroPython Projects is the next title you need to read. MicroPython is an efficient and lean implementation of the Python 3 programming language, and this title will guide you in building and managing your embedded systems with ease.

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