New Packt Courses for March 2020

//New Packt Courses for March 2020

A variety of new books and videos have been added to the Packt library this month, giving you a great opportunity to get ahead with your learning this spring.


C++ is popular for its performance and suitability, and is arguably one of the most valuable programming languages you can learn. It is a language that gives you more control over the hardware and systems that software depends on to work – giving you a deeper insight into the fundamental principles behind computer science.

If you are looking to learn a new language, then get to grips with the fundamental concepts of C++ with our latest Workshop title, The C++ Workshop.

Whilst traditional systems programming languages such as C and C++ definitely give you speed and at least some concurrency, they do not give you the safety. If you need speed, concurrency and safety, then Rust is your best option. You can learn how Rust guarantees memory and thread safety at compile-time with our latest title Hands-On Systems Programming with Rust.

Dive into our new informative and fast-paced course, Systems Programming with Rust, and start designing safe, consistent and high-performance applications.

The C++ WorkshopHands-On Systems Programming with Rust

Web Development

As the definitive language of the web, JavaScript is an essential skill for anyone that wants to build websites and web apps. If you already know JavaScript then Hands-On JavaScript High Performance will help you to understand how the JavaScript landscape has evolved, not just for the frontend but also for the backend.

Want to succeed in your next JavaScript coding interview? Look no further than our latest video, JavaScript Interview Preparation: Practice Problems. This is a course that is designed to help you prepare effectively for any JavaScript programming interview, with 30 interview questions that come from actual interviews, you will learn and understand all the necessary skills, concepts and techniques to excel in your interview.

JavaScript Interview Preparation: Practice ProblemsHands-On JavaScript High Performance


Deep Learning can produce some great results, and in our latest release Hands-On Deep Learning for Financeyou will learn how to enhance trading strategies and investments in financial markets using deep learning algorithms implemented using Python libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras. Understand how deep learning models can be leveraged to capture insights from financial data.

Another new addition to our interactive series is the Data Visualization Workshop. An ideal companion for Python beginners who want to visualize their work like a skilled data scientist. If you’re interested in developing your data science skills then look no further, start with The Data Visualization Workshop.

The Data Visualization Workshop (Second Edition)Hands-On Deep Learning for Finance

Cloud & Networking

Does your organization uses Google Cloud’s serverless platform? If so, then learn how to design, develop and deploy full stack serverless apps on Google Cloud with Hands-On Serverless Computing with Google Cloud. 

Linux has grown increasingly more popular with system administrators – but security has always been a major concern due to the limited resources available in it’s security domain. Find out how to properly secure your Linux systems with Mastering Linux Security and Hardening. 

Mastering Linux Security and Hardening - Second EditionHands-On Serverless Computing with Google Cloud

Business & Soft Skills

With performance improvements to meet the demands of ever-growing enterprise teams, Jira 8 is said to be the next chapter of Jira for enterprise teams. Learn how to develop and deploy plugins and then modify them to suit your needs, and customize your Jira UI. Get started now with Jira 8 Recipes. 

Security, Mobile, Game Development & Hardware/IoT

Cyber warfare has definitely helped push cyber security high up on the technology and business agenda. What we do now and how we plan for the future will determine whether our businesses survive.

Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies gives insights into the history of cyber warfare whilst giving real-life examples of actual attacks and defense techniques and strategies to help you learn about defending your own systems of data.

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