New Packt Courses for June 2021

//New Packt Courses for June 2021

We’ve added some great titles to our library this month, including some updated versions of our most popular titles. Take a look below and explore our latest releases.


If you are looking to build deep learning model architectures and perform parameter tuning automatically using AutoKeras, then Automated Machine Learning with AutoKeras is for you. This book will help you to confidently use AutoKeras to design your own custom machine learning models in your company.

Automated Machine Learning with AutoKerasMastering Tableau 2021

Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence (BI) tools used to solve data analysis challenges. With Mastering Tableau 2021, you will master Tableau’s features and offerings in various paradigms of the BI domain. You’ll also be able to tackle common and advanced challenges in the BI domain.

Web Development

Our latest title, Simplify Testing with React Testing Library, will show you how to use this modern, user-friendly tool to test React components, reducing the risk that your application will not work as expected in production.

Simplify Testing with React Testing LibraryCanvas LMS Course Design

Canvas is an online learning management system (LMS) and one of the most powerful teaching tools that educational institutions worldwide have adopted thanks to its streamlined functionality, intuitive user interface, and robust features. This revised second edition of Canvas LMS Course Design will show you how to design, create, and teach engaging classes in online, hybrid, or fusion settings using the Canvas LMS.

Cloud & Networking

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform that offers a multitude of services and capabilities for organizations of any size moving to a cloud strategy. In our latest updated edition of,
Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide,  explore the latest updates on cloud security fundamentals, hybrid cloud, cloud migration, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and Windows Virtual Desktop. This title encapsulates the entire spectrum of measures involved in Azure deployment that includes understanding Azure fundamentals, choosing a suitable cloud architecture, building on design principles, becoming familiar with Azure DevOps, and learning best practices for optimization and management.

Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide, Fourth EditionHands-on Kubernetes on Azure - Third Edition

With updated chapters on role-based access control, pod identity, storing secrets, and network security in AKS, Hands-on Kubernetes on Azure – Third Edition begins by introducing you to containers, Kubernetes, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and guides you through deploying an AKS cluster in different ways. You will then delve into the specifics of Kubernetes by deploying a sample guestbook application on AKS and installing complex Kubernetes apps using Helm. With the help of real-world examples, you’ll also get to grips with scaling your applications and clusters.


Python is used in a wide range of domains owing to its simple yet powerful nature. Although writing Python code is easy, making it readable, reusable, and easy to maintain can be challenging. Complete with best practices, useful tools, and standards implemented by professional Python developers, Expert Python Programming – Fourth Edition will help you in not only overcoming such challenges but also learning Python’s latest features and advanced concepts.

Expert Python Programming – Fourth Editionpring MVC With Spring Boot (All Modules) and Project

Spring MVC With Spring Boot (All Modules) and Project is a course on learning all key Spring framework features to develop robust enterprise-grade web applications. Spring MVC is a collection of Spring projects (including Spring Web, Spring Data, Spring Security, and others) that we can use to create very robust and secure enterprise Java applications and follow the ‘Model View Controller design pattern. This course will cover everything you need to start working on real-time Spring-based projects.

Business, Security & Mobile

Do you want to create iOS apps with SwiftUI, Xcode 12, and Swift 5.3, and want to publish them on the app store? SwiftUI Essentials – iOS 14 Edition will help you achieve these skills with a step-by-step approach.

You will start with going through the steps necessary to set up an iOS development environment together and then be introduced to Swift Playgrounds to learn and experiment with Swift—specifically, the Swift 5.3 programming language. After establishing key concepts of SwiftUI and project architecture, this course provides a guided tour of Xcode in SwiftUI development mode.

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