New Packt Courses for June 2020

//New Packt Courses for June 2020

Take a look at our latest releases that have been added to our Packt Library that are sure to help you skill up this month…


Swift is a powerful programming language, the syntax is concise yet expressive and feature-rich. Quickly learn Swift and it’s latest features with our new course Learn Swift 5 Programming. This course will help you to take your first steps into programming for Apple devices with Swift, and by the end, you will be able to build your own apps.

Updated and extended, Python Automation Cookbook – Second Edition now comprises the latest recipes and is revised to align with Python 3.8 and higher. This book also includes three additional chapters that solely focus on using Python for test automation, machine learning projects and for working with messy data.

Python Automation Cookbook - Second EditionLearn Swift 5 Programming

Web Development

Emerging as one of the most popular module bundlers used in web development projects, Webpack now serves as one of the most advanced web development build tools. Learn something new this month – Webpack 5 Up and Running is our beginner’s guide to understanding application bundling and Webpack project structure. This book will leave you with not only a basic understanding of deployment, live coding, and hot module replacement, but you will also be able to incorporate application bundling in your web project efficiently.

Bestselling hands-on guide Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications has been revised and updated with the latest examples, projects, overview of tools and much more. 

Looking to learn the Test-Driven Development approach to better and faster development? Our latest course, Hands-On Test-Driven Development with Java and Springis designed to ensure that you can quickly learn and apply TDD techniques into your projects and help you to gain the skills needed to develop software using the TDD approach – you will get higher-quality and faster results in no time.

Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web ApplicationsWebpack 5 Up and Running


When used effectively, deep learning techniques can help you to develop intelligent web applications. Hands-On Python Deep Learning for the Web will teach you how to deploy intelligent web applications and websites with the help of effective tools and practices.

What is Spatial Computing and why is everyone from Tesla, Apple, and Facebook investing heavily in it? This is the questions at the heart of The Infinite Retina: Spatial Computing, Augmented Reality, and How a Collision of New Technologies are Bringing About the Next Tech Revolution. Whether you’re a computer programmer, work within the realms of AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, or are just curious to know where the next technology revolution is coming from, this book takes you to the future and puts you at the cutting edge of new technology.

The Infinite RetinaHands-On Python Deep Learning for the Web

Cloud & Networking

Security is always integrated into cloud platforms, this can cause users to take cloud security for granted and cloud computing brings new security challenges. However, you can overcome these with Microsoft Azure’s shared responsibility model, Mastering Azure Security, covers the latest security features to identify threats and protect your Azure cloud using innovative techniques.

Offering complete up-to-date coverage of the MD-100 exam, Microsoft Exam MD-100 Windows 10 Certification Guide, will help you to take the exam with confidence and be fully equipped to pass on your first attempt.

Mastering Azure SecurityMicrosoft Exam MD-100 Windows 10 Certification Guide

Business & Soft Skills

Are you looking to learn 2D drawing and 3D modelling from scratch using AutoCAD 2021? Then Practical Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 and AutoCAD LT 2021 is the book for you. This book will help you to develop a solid understanding of CAD principles and help you to learn how to work with AutoCAD software confidently to build impressive 2D and 3D drawings.

Security, Mobile, Game Development & Hardware/IoT

Hands-On Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin.Forms is the perfect guide to help you get up-and-running with building cross-platform mobile applications with the Xamarin.Forms framework. This course provides a complete tour of Xamarin.Forms, from the basics of an introduction to XAML right through to the advanced Xamarin.Forms concepts and techniques.

Blender is a powerful 3D creation package that supports every aspect of the 3D pipeline. Blender 3D By Example – Second Edition, will help you to learn how to work with Blender to create impressive computer graphics, art design and architecture.

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