New Packt Courses for June 2019

//New Packt Courses for June 2019

June is here! In an ideal world the weather would be far too nice to stay in learning new tools, but if it’s anything like the weather outside right now it’s probably worth digging into one of our new titles…

Application Development

It feels like we’ve been on the cusp of the autonomous vehicle revolution for the last couple of years – and although you might think that most of the cutting-edge technologies and techniques are buried somewhere in huge companies like Uber, in reality there’s plenty that you can do to not only learn how it works in principle, but also to even try and build your own self-driving vehicles. Okay, maybe you won’t be taking anything to the road any time soon, but the new Autonomous Cars: Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Python video is a great place to get an insight on what’s happening at the cutting edge of the field.

Elsewhere, TensorFlow 2 is being eagerly awaited by deep learning practitioners. Indeed, it could be an important tool in self-driving car development, among many others. Hands-On Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2 is a useful place to not only learn what’s new in the popular deep learning library, but also to start building a range of computer vision applications.

More great app development titles for June include:

Hands-On Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2Autonomous Cars: Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Python [Video]

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Neural networks are mind-bending things. But they’re not something to fear – with Hands-On Neural Networks the fundamentals behind building neural networks, and showing you developing actually looks like in practical terms.

Machine Learning for Finance is one of our latest Expert Insight titles. Author Jannes Klaas is VP of Education at the University of Oxford’s Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society, making him the perfect person to talk you through the various ways in which machine learning algorithms can be used to solve finance problems.

More top data-related titles for June:

Machine Learning for FinanceHands-On Neural Networks

Web Development

Simplicity is the aim of the game when it comes to building web apps. But that isn’t easy when you’re dealing intense amounts of data and a mesh of dependencies and services. Fortunately, state management libraries are doing a lot to mitigate this emerging problem. Redux is perhaps the best known, but more recently Vuex has appeared as an alternative state management library for Vue.js. To find out how to get started with Vuex, we recommend checking out Hands-On Vuex for Vue.js Applications.

WWith security and resilience high on the agenda for web and app developers, testing techniques are becoming a hot topic. One that’s picking up considerable traction is ‘fuzzing’ – we won’t explain it here, but dive into our DOUBLE Your Web Hacking Rewards with Fuzzing video to find out what it is and how you can use it yourself.

DOUBLE Your Web Hacking Rewards with Fuzzing [Video]Hands-On Vuex for Vue.js Applications [Video]

More top web development titles for June:

Virtualization and Cloud

Availability is everything when it comes to the cloud – more often than not it’s the very thing you’re paying for. But it isn’t always that easy to implement, and it requires a smart and thoughtful architect to ensure your cloud resources and services remain usable and performant. Hands-On Architecting for High Availability on Azure shows you how to do precisely that.

Alongside building available systems, it’s important to remember that administration remains another vital component of cloud management. There are, after all, end users, and a system won’t, unfortunately, administer itself. That’s where Hands-On AWS System Administration comes in. If you’re a SysAdmin that needs to become more familiar with AWS we highly recommend it.

Hands-On AWS System AdministrationArchitecting for High Availability on Azure [Video]

Top virtualization and cloud titles for June:

Networking and Servers

The MCSA certification is highly sought after – and while it might not strictly be ‘exam season’ for IT professionals, if you want to take (and pass you MCSA exam, why not make early Summer the time to start preparing for it? Check out MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification Guide to learn everything you need for exam 70-741 – it features more than 8 hours of content!

Elsewhere in networking and servers we have another new pentesting title – get to grips with the latest features of Metasploit 5.0 with our new Mastering Metasploit video.

Linux Command Line for Beginners [Video]Mastering Windows Server 2019 [Video]

Top May titles include:

Game Development, and Hardware

Blender is an incredible tool! It can add an extra dimension of style that can lift a game from ‘great’ to ‘astonishing’.

This month we have two Blender titles – one will help you design a stunning game environment, while the other will show you how to create incredible characters using the software. Even if you’re not a game developer but want to get creative and learn how Blender works, it’s a great place to start.

Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation [Video]Create a Game Environment with Blender and Unity [Video]

Top new June titles in game development and hardware:

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