New Packt Courses for February 2019

//New Packt Courses for February 2019

Have you kept up with all your New Year’s learning resolutions? A whole host of new books and videos have been added to your Packt subscription for February, to keep you on track for 2019. From combining the power of the Amazon Cloud and TensorFlow through to utilising the Python language for data forensics, there’s a host of new content to get you pushing your skills to the next level.

Application Development

Millions of developers have scrapped their server room and sent their applications to the Cloud. The Serverless Programming Cookbook will help you take the next step towards running seamless applications untethered from hardware. Get quick answers to common problems with various components to build a serverless application including REST APIs, database, user management, authentication, web hosting, domain registration, DNS management, CDN, messaging, notifications and monitoring.

How about tackling a new language in 2019? Rust is an empowering language that provides a rare combination of safety, speed, and zero-cost abstractions. Packed with real-world programming examples, Mastering Rust – Second Edition shows you how you can build robust, scalable, and reliable programs.

Other top February titles include:

Serverless Programming CookbookMastering Rust (Second Edition)

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Deep Learning is making waves at the highest levels of the tech industry. But one of the biggest challenges for rolling out deep learning in smaller organisations is getting it to deploy on your company’s IT infrastructure. Hands-On Serverless Deep Learning with TensorFlow and AWS Lambda shows you how to change the rules of the game with the power of serverless architecture. Instead of thinking about cluster management, scalability, and query processing, going serverless allows you to focus specifically on training the model. By the end of the book, you will have implemented your own project that demonstrates how to use AWS Lambda effectively so as to serve your TensorFlow models in the best possible way.

Need to improve the performance of your machine learning methods? Ensemble machine learning combines two or more similar or dissimilar machine learning algorithms to deliver superior intellectual powers. New release Ensemble Machine Learning Cookbook helps you to implement popular machine learning algorithms to cover different paradigms of ensemble machine learning such as boosting, bagging, and stacking.

Other new February titles include:

Ensemble Machine Learning CookbookHands-On Serverless Deep Learning with TensorFlow and AWS Lambda

Web Development

High availability and disaster recovery strategies come built in to SQL server. Learn to master them to a professional standard with Professional SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Get to grips with Replication, AlwaysOn, and Log Shipping in order to develop robust and high performance infrastructure with SQL server.

Learn to combine rising frontend start Vue.JS with classic backend workhorse Node with Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js. Versatile, approachable, and performant, Vue.js is the perfect tool to combine with the reliability of Node. This course will help you develop effective and maintainable full-stack web applications using Vue.js and Node.js. You’ll start by building the frontend to a songs playlist application, to log in, create a new playlist, and search through YouTube videos. You’ll learn how to build a scalable Vue.js frontend that can work well in combination with a Node.js backend application.

Professional SQL Server High Availability and Disaster RecoveryFull Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js [Video]

Other February releases include:

Virtualization and Cloud

AWS certifications are becoming one of the must have certifications for any IT professional working on an AWS Cloud platform. Get the support you need to validate your AWS insight with the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Guide.

Got a mission critical application? Need it to be live 24/7, no matter what? Is each outage going to cost you money and your reputation? Then you need to build and run scalable, resilient, fail-safe and secure distributed applications anywhere using Docker and Kubernetes. Hands-On Kubernetes and Docker for Distributed Applications gets you packaging the many application services that are part of your distributed application into self contained standard packages called containers, and deploy these applications to any Kubernetes cluster running on any platform on premise or in the cloud.

Hands-On Kubernetes and Docker for Distributed Applications [Video]AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Guide

Other February releases include:

Networking and Servers

Making sure your DNS it is configured properly is a key skill for network administrators. In Implementing Windows Server 2019 Domain Name System (DNS), you’ll quickly get to grips with all the skills you need to deploy, manage, and secure Windows Server 2019 DNS servers. Get to grips with essential tasks such as replication, creating DNS zones, working with different record types, designs and delegation, securing and managing DNS traffic with DNS policies, and more.

The second edition of bestselling Learning Python for Forensics illustrates how Python can be used to support digital investigations and  automate the parsing of forensic artifacts to spend more time examining actionable data. Get to grips with developing Python forensic scripts using an iterative design, how to leverage the various built-in and community-sourced forensics scripts and libraries, and how to strengthen your analysis skills and efficiency as you creatively solve real-world problems through instruction-based tutorials.

Learning Python for Forensics (Second Edition)Implementing Windows Server 2019 Domain Name System (DNS) [Video]

Other February releases include:

Business, Game Development, and Hardware

Now in its Fifth Edition, Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019 provides hand-on guidance on creating highly engaging, interactive, and responsive eLearning content. This book takes you through the production of a few pieces of eLearning content, covering all the project types and workflows of Adobe Captivate.

February releases include:

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