New Packt Courses for December 2019

//New Packt Courses for December 2019

The Holiday season is here but we’re not slowing down in bringing you brand new content. And while we encourage you to take some time off whether you’re celebrating all not, it’s also a good time to dip into some content to get a sense of what you might want to explore in depth in the new year.


Architectural decision-making is an essential step in the engineering process. The trade offs between this approach and that, or this tool and that will have a massive effect on both the end product and the development process itself. In Hands-On Software Architecture with C#8 and .NET Core 3 you’ll not only learn how to make smart architectural decisions, but also how to construct them using two of Microsoft’s most powerful and popular tools for engineers.

Vue and GraphQL go together perfectly. We urge you to find out just how well they complement each other – watch our new Full-Stack Vue with GraphQL – The Ultimate Guide for a closer look.

Full-Stack Vue with GraphQL - The Ultimate GuideHands-On Software Architecture with C# 8 and .NET Core 3

Web Development

Next.js is an interesting new framework for React. Offering a number of features, such as file system routing, static exporting, and server side rendering, it can help provide additional support when building with React, and unlock greater performance. Find out how it works for yourself with our new video Universal React with Next.js – The Ultimate Guide.

The broad impact of DevOps and DevSecOps is that it has placed a renewed emphasis on the testing process. With testing starting to ‘shift left’, developers are being called upon to take on additional responsibility for how their code runs and performs in production. That means taking stock of testing best practices and techniques is an activity well worth any developers time. With JavaScript Testing Best Practices you can – we think it’s a great video to kick off 2020.

JavaScript Testing Best PracticesUniversal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide


We spend a lot of time thinking about the technical side of date science – algorithms, frameworks, libraries – that it’s easy to forget that to do it well it requires leadership and management. That’s why we developed Managing Data Science. Covering everything from building a great team of data scientists and analysts to enabling innovation, it’s a great book for anyone in the field that wants to take on more responsibility and has a vision of how things could – or should – be done.

The idea that machine learning algorithms should be used in trading seems obvious. But how should it be done? With risk attached, it needs to be done with care and accuracy. Learn Algorithmic Trading explains how to do it properly.
Learn Algorithmic TradingManaging Data Science

Cloud & Networking

AWS’s market dominance makes it a great career opportunity for administrators and other IT professionals. But the problem is everyone knows that – you need to stand out from the crowd and prove your skills and knowledge. The best way to do that is to become certified – learn how with our new AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner video.

K3s is a lightweight version of Kubernetes. Designed for edge computing and IoT systems which are highly decentralized, they’re also a great way to get an understanding of Kubernetes without having to go deep into the platform. Get started with our new Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s video.

Lightweight Kubernetes with K3sAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

Business & Soft Skills

Adobe Captivate is a great tool for developing eLearning content and visual guides. And with demand for online learning content coming from a massive range of sources, we think it could be a pretty neat addition to a designer’s resume. Get started with Adobe Captivate Fundamentals.

Want to get started in graphic design? Or maybe you just need to get a project done quickly? Look no further than our new Ultimate Graphic Design Course. With 40 practical projects that you can follow and do yourself, it will give any novice a solid grounding in a field that will continue to grow.

Security, Mobile, Game Development & Hardware/IoT

For games to be successful in a competitive market, you need to do all you can to give them the edge. The new edition of Unity Game Optimization shows you how to do just that – from sharper physics to realistic textures, this is a book for anyone that appreciates the importance of marginal gains.

It’s difficult to imagine doing cybersecurity without machine learning today. Threats are so varied and multifaceted, that the only way to properly detect and understand them is with algorithmic support. Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook provides you with a comprehensive set of recipes to help you solve cybersecurity challenges.

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity CookbookUnity Game Optimization (Third Edition)

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