New Packt Courses for August 2021

//New Packt Courses for August 2021

We’ve added some great titles to our library this month, including some updated versions of our most popular titles. Take a look below and explore our latest releases.


MLflow is a platform for the machine learning life cycle that enables structured development and iteration of machine learning models and a seamless transition into scalable production environments. Machine Learning Engineering with MLflow will take you through the different features of MLflow and how you can implement them in your ML project. You will begin by framing an ML problem and then transform your solution with MLflow, adding a workbench environment, training infrastructure, data management, model management, experimentation, and state-of-the-art ML deployment techniques on the cloud and premises.

NLP-Natural Language Processing in Python for Beginners [Video]Machine Learning Engineering with MLflow

Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a computer to understand human language the way it’s spoken and written. Human language is typically referred to as natural language.
NLP-Natural Language Processing in Python for Beginners introduces you to the concepts, tools, and techniques of machine learning for text data. You will learn the elementary concepts as well as emerging trends in the field of NLP.

Web Development

The Angular framework, powered by Google, in the framework of choice for many web development projects built across varying scales. It’s known to provide much-needed stability and a rich tooling ecosystem for building production-ready web and mobile apps. Angular Cookbook will enable you to learn Angular concepts in depth using a step-by-step approach. You’ll explore a wide range of recipes across key tasks in web development that will help you build high-performance apps.

Solution Architecture with .NETAngular Cookbook

Understanding solution architecture is a must to build and integrate robust systems to meet your client’s needs. This makes it crucial for a professional .NET software engineer to learn the key skills of a .NET solution architect to create a unique digital journey and build solutions for a wide range of industries, from strategy and design to implementation. With Solution Architecture with .NET developers working with the .NET technology will be able to put their knowledge to work.

Cloud & Networking

DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift features many different real-world practices – some people-related, some process-related, some technology-related – to facilitate successful DevOps, and in turn OpenShift, adoption within your organization. It introduces many DevOps concepts and tools to connect culture and practice through a continuous loop of discovery, pivots, and delivery underpinned by a foundation of collaboration and software engineering.

Learning Azure Process Automation Using PowerShellDevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift

Azure PowerShell (PowerShell + Az Module) is a set of cmdlets to manage Azure resources directly from the PowerShell command line. Learning Azure Process Automation Using PowerShell is designed to make it easy to learn and get started with managing Azure resources and provides powerful features for automation. It is used to perform powerful, common tasks in Microsoft Azure through an extension of Windows PowerShell. Without logging in, users can enter a single cmdlet from the command line to create a new virtual machine.


Mastering Go – Third Edition explores the capabilities of Go in practice. You will become confident with advanced concepts, including concurrency and the operation of the Go Garbage Collector, using Go with Docker, writing powerful command-line utilities, working with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data, and interacting with databases. You will also improve your understanding of the Go internals to optimize Go code and use data types and data structures in new and unexpected ways.

Mastering Go - Third EditionDancing with Python

Dancing with Python helps you learn Python and quantum computing in a practical way. It will help you explore how to work with numbers, strings, collections, iterators, and files. The book goes beyond functions and classes and teaches you to use Python and Qiskit to create gates and circuits for classical and quantum computing. Learn how quantum extends traditional techniques using the Grover Search Algorithm and the code that implements it.

Business, Security & Mobile

Unity is a comprehensive yet simple suite of tools for developing video games. You can use Unity to not only create video games, but also AR/VR experiences, complex simulations, real-time realistic rendering, films, and practical games for training and education. Hands-On Unity 2021 Game Development – Second Edition, you will get to grips with creating a full game from the ground up, building it step-by-step, and applying your knowledge as you progress.

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