New Packt Courses for August 2020

//New Packt Courses for August 2020

Take a look at our latest releases that have been added to our Packt Library that are sure to help you skill up this month…


C# was a language traditionally associated with developing Windows desktop apps and games, but now, C# is used in a wide variety of domains and has become increasingly popular for mobile development. However, despite its extensive coding features, it is not uncommon to experience problems because of bad code. Identify and solve these problems with our latest title, Clean Code in C#. Develop the skills needed to apply industry-approved coding practices to help you write clean, readable and maintainable C# code.

Python ProgrammingClean Code in C#

It is no secret that Python is one of the most popular programming languages making it the future of AI and Machine Learning. Python Programmingis a new course to help you to understand Python’s design, memory models and much more. You will learn the skills you need to confidently create and send Python applications using off-the-rack libraries.

Web Development

Node.js continues to be the leading choice of server-side web development platform, enabling developers to use the same tools and paradigms for both server-side and client-side software. Node.js Web Development – Fifth Edition, focuses on the new features of Node.js 14, Express 4.x, and ECMAScript. With this title, you will gain practical Node.js web development and knowledge and be able to build and deploy your own apps on a public web hosting solution.

Image Classifier with Django and ReactNode.js Web Development - Fifth Edition

Want to learn how to build your own AI-driven image classifier web application? Then Image Classifier with Django and React is the course for you. The course will show you how to build an AI-driven image classifier project using React, the Django REST framework, and a Keras pre-trained model.


Face detection and face recognition are arguably the most popular aspects in computer vision. They are widely used by governments and organizations for surveillance and policing, and also have applications in our day-to-day life such as using your face to unlock your mobile. This course, Computer Vision: Face Recognition Quick Starter in Python, will help you to become experienced with face recognition and detection and be able to apply your skills in the real world.

We have released a number of new Workshop titles this month; from Machine Learning and Data Visualization to Computer Vision and Data Analysis, these workshops cover everything you need to take your skills to the next level and become an expert in data.

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading - Second EditionComputer Vision: Face Recognition Quick Starter in Python

There has been a boost in the demand for expertise in trading strategies that use machine learning due to the explosive growth of digital data. This revised and expanded edition of Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading enables you to build and evaluate sophisticated supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning models.

Cloud & Networking

Azure has been widely adopted to create and deploy different types of applications with ease due to its support for high availability, security, performance and disaster recovery. Updated with the latest developments, Azure for Architects – Third Edition, helps you to get to grips with designing serverless architecture. This book will help you to gain confidence to design intelligent Azure solutions based on containers and serverless functions.

SQL Injection StrategiesAzure for Architects - Third Edition

SQL injection (SQLi) is probably the most infamous attack that can be unleashed against apps on the internet. SQL Injection Strategies is an end-to-end guide for beginners looking to learn how to perform SQLi and test the security of web apps, websites, or databases.

Security, Mobile & Game Development

Are you looking for effective ways to protect Windows-based systems from being compromised? Mastering Windows Security and Hardening  is a detailed guide that will help you gain expertise when implementing efficient security measures. L

Even as an experienced iOS developer you will learn something new with SwiftUI iOS13 Coffee Shop Application, Order Products Online. Learn to build a real online coffee ordering application using SwiftUI. Designed for iOS developers, this course will show you how to write clean and readable code and structure your app development.

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