New Packt Courses for September 2020

//New Packt Courses for September 2020

Take a look at our latest releases that have been added to our Packt Library that are sure to help you skill up this month…


TestNG is one of the most popular testing frameworks out there due to it’s ability to cover a wider range of test categories with more powerful and easy-to-use functionalities . Automation Framework Design using TestNG will take you through the basics as well as the advanced concepts in TestNG and automation framework building. When you finish this course, you will have gained the skills required to build an automation framework from scratch. Automation Framework Design using TestNG

Web Development

Are you interested in how React takes command of the view layer for web and mobile apps and changes the data of large web applications without needing to reload the page? The React Workshop will help you to develop and enhance web apps using the features of the React framework, whilst tapping into React’s popular feature JSX to develop templates and make your project interactive. After reading this book, you will have the skills needed to help set up and create web apps using React.

Drupal 9 Module Development - Third EditionThe React Workshop

With its latest release, Drupal 9, the popular open source CMS platform has been updated with new functionalities for building complex Drupal apps with ease. This third edition of the Drupal Module Development guide covers these new Drupal features, helping you to stay on top of code deprecation’s and the changing architecture with every release.


Artificial Intelligence is changing and shaping how the world operates. Services we use everyday for convenience show us personalized suggestions on what we might want to see. AI algorithms are at work for your convenience and Artificial Intelligence Business: How you can profit from AI will guide you through everything, from what AI is to how it influences our economy and society.

Python Algorithmic Trading CookbookCArtificial Intelligence Business: How you can profit from AI

Python, we know, is one of the most popular programming languages – so it is no surprise that is a very popular language used to build and execute algorithmic trading strategies. Python Algorithmic Trading Cookbook will help you to build a solid foundation in algorithmic trading using Python.

Cloud & Networking

Want to learn how to install and configure Windows Server 2019 quickly and easily? Then Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Hands-on Training is the course you are looking for. At the end of this course, you will have learned how to install, configure and manage the most common services found in a Microsoft Windows 2019 network.

AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty CertificationMicrosoft Windows Server 2019 - Hands-on Training Part I

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Certification covers all aspects of hosting big data on the Amazon Web Services platform. This course will teach you about cloud-based big data solutions, and how to use AWS Elastic MapReduce to process data and create big data environments.

Business, Security, Game Development, IoT & Hardware

Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs v2 picks up where v1 left off using all-new capture-the-flag exercises, step-by-step video tutorials, and more. This course will guide you on how to use pentesting tools in the real world using Python, PHP scripting and more.

Scaling Scrum Across Modern Enterprises provides a comprehensive review and analysis of industry-proven scaling strategies that enable business agility on an enterprise scale, helping you to decide which practices best fit your solution.

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