New Mapt Courses for September 2017

//New Mapt Courses for September 2017

Ever wondered why it’s called ‘fall?’ Well, the temperature starts to fall, leaves fall from trees, etc. We may have made all of this up, but you know what we can raise this fall? Your skill level! We don’t know much about weather, but when it comes to tech, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks in each category, and dive in to learn something new this September!

Application Development

Within just a few years, data science has evolved by leaps and bounds. We can know gather, analyse, and manage date like never before, using new developments in tech that give us the tools to do so. Data now has more added value than ever, now that we can decipher what it means. Practical Python Data Science Techniques provides a practical (surprise!) approach to data science, by providing recipes to a great mixture of both common and not so common problems. You’ll discover how to manage data with a time dimension, along with resolving regression and classification, and clustering. Using Python, by the end of this video course, you will become and expert in data science techniques.

Android Development with Kotlin book coverPractical Python Data Science Techniques [Video] cover

According to Google themselves, Kotlin is the perfect fit for Android, as it gives developers exactly what they want for efficient app development. Android Development with Kotlin will take you through all the fantastic features Kotlin has to offer, in the context of Android development. This title will guide you through building high performance applications, using cleaner code!

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Harness the power of R and combine it with the stunning visualization capabilities of Tableau and take steps towards enhancing your business with this book! Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau offers insight into what it takes to delve into the world of data science and analytics. As a reader, you will have access to hands on examples of how to make the transition from being a data savvy user to being a data analyst, using this title to ensure you have all the tools you need to perform advanced analytics!

Mastering Machine Learning with Spark 2.x book coverAdvanced Analytics with R and Tableau book cover

Machine learning is essential to the process of transforming data into actionable knowledge. Mastering Machine Learning with Spark 2.x is a book that will help you to make your Spark applications smarter, with the assistance of machine learning.

Web Development

If you want to learn a little about JavaScript and the brilliant ecosystem that is Redux, have we got the book for you! Learning Redux will become your go-to for learning the basic principles of Redux, to gradually integrating Redux with other frameworks such as Angular and React. Starting from nothing, you will keep adding features to your application as the book goes on, ensuring that by the end of the title, you will be able to develop and maintain a Redux application with ease!

JavaScript by Example book coverLearning Redux book cover

The JavaScript by Example video course is your guide on how to use JavaScript by building your own application. The aim is to ensure that by the time you get started on designing your own web page, you will have enough JavaScript knowledge to seamlessly implement it into your future projects!

Virtualization and Cloud

Cloud computing has become an essential for not only for the individual, but for companies and the government. Amazon Web Services is a collection of services, applications and tools that can be used to deploy your infrastructure and application environment to the cloud. AWS Networking Cookbook will provide you with all the in-depth recipes you need to configure your own networks, and implement infrastructure automation. Become an expert in the AWS network concepts today!

Docker and Kubernetes for Java Developers book coverAWS Networking Cookbook book cover

As a Java developer, it’s likely you want nothing more than (coffee) the ability to manage your Java applications efficiently, and create and test them on Apache Tomcat Server, or even Wildfly Application Server. If that’s the case, look no further. No, we don’t have coffee, but we do have Docker and Kubernetes for Java Developers, a book that will enable you to harness a powerful combination that will change your Java development game.

Game Development, Hardware and Creative Projects

Let’s get real, the gaming industry is a tough cookie to crack, let alone crumble. The least you can do is make it fun (and maybe make some money). Create and Monetize your C# Games on iOS and Android will guide you through the basics of creating a game, implement game mechanics, creating levels and then analysing your own game using game analytics. It may only be the beginning, but let this knowledge take your creativity to the next level!

Raspberry Pi Zero W Wireless Projects book coverCreate and Monetize your C# Games on iOS and Android [Video] cover

With its $10 release, Pi Zero W has maintained Raspberry Pi’s status as the sweetheart of microprocessors. Raspberry Pi Zero W Wireless Projects is your one-stop guide to various DIY projects, from building a chat bot to a home bot that can be connected to a variety of devices in your home. From small, basic projects, to exciting, complex creations, this book has it all. We can’t wait to see what you create, tweet us photos of your success!

Networking and Servers

Discover the new features of Windows Server 2016, and what it offers over its older counterpart. Professional Guide to Windows Server 2016 will not only highlight the new features and the included features and packages, but also guide you through two pivotal upgrades: rolling upgrades for Hyper-V, Storage & Nano Server. This video course will take you through installation, to configuration and maintenance of the server, whilst guiding you through all its latest technologies!

Python Network Programming Cookbook book coverProfessional Guide to Windows Server 2016 [Video] cover

Python Network Programming Cookbook (2nd Edition) will take you through the basics of writing a simple networking clients, all the way to extending your network with Mininet. Become a pro at analysing your network security vulnerabilities using advanced network packet capture and efficient analysis techniques.

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