New Mapt Courses for October 2017

//New Mapt Courses for October 2017

October is here, and so is our brand new content. Each category has a list of key titles, take your pick from our key titles. We’ll help you out by guiding you through some of our best sellers. Kick start your learning with us now, no tricks, all treats!

Application Development

If you’re interested in Apple development, then look no further than Mastering Swift 4. Swift is now a vital cog in the skillset of any iOS and macOS developer. This title will showcase the latest Swift 4.0 features, and how to use the updates to your advantage. Guiding you through this improved development experience, your ability to build high performance iOS apps will increase tenfold, with protocol-oriented programming, and flexible code.

Python Design Patterns book coverMastering Swift 4 book cover

Code reuse is essential for developers to be efficient with their time and efforts, and we’re here to show you the benefits of smarter coding with Python Design Patterns. In just over two hours, this video will open up the world of design patterns for you to explore the best way for you to improve your development, as well as giving examples of what not to do, by flagging the design styles that may cause detriment to your development. Build cleaner, faster and smarter applications with Python!

Big Data and Business Intelligence

One of our best-sellers is back, this time with the latest cutting edge open source Python libraries. Python Machine Learning (2nd Edition) goes one step further than machine learning, incorporating deep learning and neural networks. This new edition includes the popular TensorFlow deep learning library, and if you enjoyed the first edition, you’ll be delighted to find that each chapter includes a critical update, as well as additional brand new chapters on key technologies. We look forward to seeing what you think!

Spark for Machine Learning book coverPython Machine Learning (2nd Edition) book cover

Apply machine learning techniques to data in real time, with Spark for Machine Learning. Use this course to navigate the Spark machine learning library, and find out about supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Create fast, efficient machine learning systems, starting with building classification models, all the way to creating an effective Recommendation Model using distributed Spark algorithm.

Web Development

Use JavaScript based technologies: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js (MEAN stack) to build production ready web applications. To aid you in this noble pursuit, we present the MEAN Cookbook. This book will guide you through the entire process of crafting a fully functional, standalone web application, including the user interface, web server, and database.

React Design Patterns for Beginners [Video] coverMEAN Cookbook book cover

Whether new or existing projects, the React Design Patterns for Beginners course will show you how to apply design patterns and best practices in practical, real life situations. Begin with the foundations of React, and work your way to making better performing applications by using reusable components across the application.

Virtualization and Cloud

The cloud technology industry is growing rapidly, as companies are understanding the profitability and efficiency benefits that cloud computing can provide. With this in mind, containerization has become essential enable software applications to be run remotely, and this is where Docker comes in. Getting Started with Docker will transform the way in which you deploy your applications, by teaching you how to write a Docker file, build an image from it, and launch a container from that image. Running apps in the cloud has never been easier!

Getting Started with Docker [Video] cover

Business, Hardware and Creative Projects

The Internet of Things is growing daily. Whether at home, in the work place, or in day to day life, our world is becoming more connected everyday. Take that inter-connectivity one step further with Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days, giving you one project to build per day. Starting with a smart gardening system, progressing to a vending machine, and gradually, creating a multiple robot cooperation using swarm intelligence, these exciting projects will have you interconnected to a whole new degree!

Understanding Software book coverIntelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days book cover

Just as a treat, we have software legend, Max Kanat-Alexander simplifying what it means to be a good developer in Understanding Code, with over 40 essays to help you to understand the complexities of any software you may work with. Don’t miss out on this gem!

Networking and Servers

Penetration testers are still growing in value, with security continuing to be an important issue. Now’s a good a time as any to boost your security skills and increase your career opportunities!

Python Digital Forensics Cookbook book coverKali Linux Cookbook book cover

We have a Kali Linux Cookbook available with over 80 recipes to enhance your vulnerability analysis, and exploiting specific technologies and gaining access to other systems within the environment. Another title filled recipes that you may be interested in is the Python Digital Forensics Cookbook. Gain a solid understanding of how to utilise Python in order to process artefacts in your investigations.

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