New Mapt Courses for June 2017

//New Mapt Courses for June 2017

It’s hot outside – best stay where it’s cool and check out our latest courses to be added to Mapt. Mapt has the cutting edge tech skills you need to succeed. You can subscribe or start your free 14-day trial with Mapt for unlimited access to everything in the Packt library. That’s over 4,500 eBook and video courses with more being added every month!

Application Development

Learn Python in 7 Days book coverEssential Angular book cover

Want a rapid way into one of the fastest growing modern languages? Check out Learn Python in 7 Days and do just that! Or discover Essential Angular, a concise, complete overview of the key aspects of Angular, written by two Angular core contributors.

Want more? Check out all of these:

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Push your PostgreSQL databases further with the high performance techniques contained in PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance and Mastering PostgreSQL 9.6. Learn how to pull essential data from the web with Python Web Scraping that will reveal the wealth of insight in your website data.

Python Web Scraping book coverPostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance book cover

Get amazing data insight with these brand new titles:

Web Development

Get new insight on one of the backbones of web development with the newly released fifth edition of Packt’s bestselling Learning jQuery 3. Or learn to work with the very latest tech for powerful web apps, with Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular.

Learning jQuery 3 book coverBuilding Modern Web Applications Using Angular book cover

Virtualization and Cloud

Start your journey to becoming AWS certified with the AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect courses, and get the essential training you need to build for the world’s number 1 Cloud provider.

AWS Certified Developer book coverAWS Certified Solutions Architect book cover

Game Development, Hardware and Creative Projects

Unreal Engine 4 Scripting with C++ book coverBasics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 cover

What’s the best way to get started with coding? Why not try learning through fun hands-on tasks with Unreal Engine 4, and new video Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 [Video]. Once you’ve got the basics down, take the next step to complex game projects with Unreal Engine 4 Scripting with C++ [Video].

Networking and Servers

Dive right into DevOps with DevOps Bootcamp, which preps you for handling a complete culture change. Or in the wake of WannaCry, get essential advice and insight on handling Malware and rogue hackers with our practical guide to Preventing Digital Extortion.

Preventing Digital Extortion book coverDevOps Bootcamp book cover

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