New Mapt Courses for September 2018

//New Mapt Courses for September 2018

September is a fresh start – the start of a new school year. That means it’s the perfect month to start learning new skills and get a head start on the trends that are going to define the new year.

This month we’ve got new content on some of the most important technologies of the year, from Blockchain to Vue.js. We highly recommend you dig in and explore.

Application Development

Blockchain is one of the most talked-about trends in tech in 2018. But despite its popularity, it’s not easy to see how to put the principles behind it into practice. That’s where Learning Blockchain Application Development comes in. Getting you past the hype,  the video demonstrates how to build apps that leverage Blockchain technology from start to finish.

The whole world wants to learn Python – it’s growing quickly and is holding its own in the TIOBE rankings. But if you already know Python, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn – there are plenty of techniques and tools you can use to unlock a more powerful and performant Python. Clean Code in Python shows you how – and by getting more from the language you’ll also be a happier and more productive developer. What’s not to like?

Clean Code in PythonLearning Blockchain Application Development [Video]

Other top September titles include:

Big Data and Business Intelligence

In our AI Now survey, TensorFlow came out as the top tool developers want to learn when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The reason is obvious: it makes doing incredibly complex things pretty simple. TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook provides you with all the tips and tricks you need to solve a wealth of everyday problems as you get to know TensorFlow.

Although TensorFlow might be sitting pretty at the top of the popularity charts when it comes to machine learning, Scikit-learn still deserves your attention. It’s one of the key Python libraries that kicked off the machine learning revolution. In Hands-on scikit-learn for Machine Learning you’ll see scikit-learn at its very best, as the video demonstrates how to get started on a range of useful – and insightful – machine learning projects.

Other top September titles include:

Hands-on Scikit-learn for Machine Learning [Video]TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook (Second Edition)

Web Development

This month’s web development releases span a wealth of topics, from UX design to full-stack development. To a certain extent, it tells you a lot about the shape of the web development world in 2018, and just how widely the field spans today.

However there are two top picks this month. The first is an essential Vue.js video. Yes, it will show you how great Vue really is, but more than that it will also show you how to actually build things with it. So, by the end of the video you won’t just have a bank of knowledge and skills, you’ll also have something to show for your time as well.

Our second video pick does exactly what it says on the tin (or cover): it helps you to learn Git in just 3 hours. That’s quite a claim – it’s not hard to find people online complaining about how hard Git is to learn. So, if you’re having trouble learning Git, put Learn Git in 3 Hours to the test – we think you’ll find it a more manageable and accessible way to approach the version control software compared to a lot of resources out there.

Learn Git in 3 Hours [Video]Real World Projects with Vue.js [Video]

Other September releases include:

Virtualization and Cloud

With Docker today dominating the containerized landscape, the new edition of Docker Cookbook is vital for anyone that has experienced moments of frustration and irritation while using the tool. Packed with brand new recipes to help you solve a range of problems, it could be the resource you need when Stack Overflow doesn’t do the job.

DevOps might well be a ‘philosophy’ or a ‘state of mind’, but the toolchain does matter – a lot. And one of the key pieces in that toolchain is Ansible, the automation and configuration management tool. With the video Hands-On DevOps with Ansible you’ll get to know Ansible in detail, but more importantly you’ll learn how it can help you implement DevOps practices. We’re not saying its going to transform your culture, but it’s a good place to begin.

Hands-On DevOps with Ansible [Video]Docker Cookbook (Second Edition)

Other September releases include:

Networking and Servers

Linux is generally pretty secure – but today, with every tiny vulnerability offering a potential attacker a route into your systems, security has never been more important when it comes to Linux. That’s the thinking behind the new edition of Practical Linux Security Cookbook. It will show you some of the most common threats Linux systems can face before diving deeper into the operating system and exploring everything you can do to minimize and mitigate security risks from quick patches to detailed audits.

If Practical Linux Security provides the tips and tricks you need to tackle security threats, Network Vulnerability Assessment helps you to develop and implement a full assessment strategy. Covering everything from calculating ROI to threat modelling and reporting, this is a book that joins the dots between technical details and business impact.

Network Vulnerability AssessmentPractical Linux Security Cookbook (Second Edition)

Other September releases include:

Business, Game Development, and Hardware

Artificial intelligence has long been a core component of advanced game development. Without it, we wouldn’t have the rich and unpredictable experiences that every great game can deliver. But it certainly isn’t easy to do, and even the most experienced game developers can run into problems when working with sophisticated AI. Unity 2018 Artificial Intelligence Cookbook is built for exactly those problems – the new edition, which has been updated to reflect software changes, features tips, tricks and solutions to a range of problems and challenges.

Android Things is a very good thing – an operating system for embedded IoT projects. What makes it particularly good is the fact that it’s so easy to use. That means you can get up and running with your own DIY IoT projects really quickly. Don’t believe us? Android Things Quick Start Guide will prove us right…

Unity 2018 Artificial Intelligence Cookbook (Second Edition)Android Things Quick Start GuideOther September releases include:

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