New Mapt Courses for July 2017

//New Mapt Courses for July 2017

We’ve got a massive stack of new courses released on Mapt for July 2017. Over 80 new videos and text courses are live to read and watch now – as well as dozens of Early Access courses, newly available for Mapt Pro subscribers. So what’s new this month?

Application Development

Comprehensive Ruby Programming book coverGo Cookbook book cover

Go’s become a vital tool for developers who want speed in their apps and web apps. If you’re a Go users who wants to work fast, and this month’s Go Cookbook is perfect for you. Get bitesize recipes that give guidance on common Go problems, troubleshoot issues, and have full and working code samples to plug into almost any app.

Starting with the core principles, such as syntax and best practices, and up to advanced topics like metaprogramming and big data analysis, Comprehensive Ruby Programming is a complete guide to everything Ruby. See how far you can push the classic language with this complete course stuffed with all of the tools you need to be a professional Ruby developer.

All amazing app dev courses released live in Mapt this month:

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Practical Data Science Cookbook (Second Edition) book coverPractical Predictive Analytics book cover

Data needs to be practical. New star course Practical Predictive Analytics gets you making sense of your data and predicting future patterns through hands-on guidance to predictive analytics.

Updated and upgraded to the latest libraries and techniques, the Practical Data Science Cookbook (Second Edition) is the essential guide to have on hand when undertaking any data science task. From top-notch advice and guidance on preparing your data science environment, through to modelling market data and working with social graphs, get essential insight on all aspects of data science.

All data and BI courses released this month:

Web Development

Bootstrap 4 Cookbook book cover

Easily implement stunning responsive websites with our star web dev title, the Bootstrap 4 Cookbook released this month. Bootstrap 4 is a major update with many impressive changes that greatly enhance the end results produced by Bootstrap. This cookbook is a collection of great recipes that show you how to use all the latest features of Bootstrap to build compelling UIs.

All web dev titles released this month:

Game Development, Hardware and Creative Projects

Game Audio Development with Unity 5.X book coverPractical Game AI Programming book cover

Mystified by programming game AI? Practical Game AI Programming cuts straight to the meat of the matter, getting you working hands on with the scripts you need to know to program all sort of enemies, allies and more for your games. Or if you want to take your games to the next level, get to grips with stunning sound with the new Game Audio Development with Unity 5.X course. Music to our ears!

All game dev and hardware titles out this month:

Cloud, Networking and Servers

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing (Second Edition) book coverPenetration Testing Bootcamp book cover

This month, get essential cyber security insight in the Penetration Testing Bootcamp. Sharpen your pentesting skills, with a crash course on every aspect of a penetration test – from planning and recon, to cleaning up and getting out. Beyond the basics? Dive into Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing (Second Edition), a practical guide to testing your network’s security with Kali Linux, the preferred choice of penetration testers and hackers.

This month’s new cloud, networking and server courses:

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