New Mapt Courses for August 2017

//New Mapt Courses for August 2017

We’ve got a wealth of new content for you this month – take a look at our top picks for each category and then dive in and learn something new to give your skillset a kickstart this August.

Application Development

Serverless has been growing in popularity in recent years. And the reason is simple – it means that you can focus your development effort and energy on what’s important instead of worrying about managing and updating your infrastructure. It means you can scale things, and change things much more easily. Building Serverless Web Applications demonstrates how to start thinking serverless when it comes to app development. Not only will you learn the principles of serverless architectures, you’ll also find out how to build a web store with a serverless architecture on React and hosted on AWS. For forward-thinking full-stack development make sure you read this.

Go Cookbook book coverBuilding Serverless Web Applications book cover

Go is one of the fastest growing programming languages around. In May 2015 it was #122 on the TIOBE rankings. In July, it was #10. To take full advantage of Go, we recommend Go Cookbook – it’s packed with recipes that show off just why the language has grown in popularity, and provides plenty of tips for some common and not so common Go programming challenges.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

If you’re thinking about deep learning, you should probably be thinking about Theano. Along with TensorFlow, it’s one of the most popular deep learning libraries around. The brand new Deep Learning with Theano demonstrates exactly why it’s so important to data analysts and deep learning engineers. Taking complex neural networks and showing you how to build them in simple, practical terms, this guide isn’t just a textbook or a manual – it shows you how to bring deep learning to life, whether that’s in the chatbots you build or finding solutions to AI puzzles.

Deep Learning with Theano book coverScala and Spark for Big Data Analytics book cover

Our second pick for August in the data field takes you straight to the cutting edge of big data. Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics shows you how to get to grips with Scala to dive deeper into Spark. By learning the programming language in depth – taking in both functional and object-oriented approaches – you’ll be able to take more control over Spark. And that means that when it comes to unlocking insights from big data you’ll be in prime position.

Web Development

In web development this month, we’ve got two videos that we think warrant particular mention. In Building Web Apps with jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap, you’ll learn everything you need to bring your web development and design skills right up to date. If you already know some JavaScript, you’ll be adding extra dimensions to your skillset so you can start building dynamic, stylish, and performant websites.

Full Stack .NET Web Development book coverBuilding Web Apps with jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap book cover

Our second selection is all about moving between the backend and frontend with ease. In Full-Stack .NET Web Development you’ll be getting to grips with the ASP.NET Core framework alongside JavaScript. We know full-stack development is growing as efficiency becomes the name of the game when it comes to development – so get your skills up to scratch with this video.

Virtualization and Cloud

Mastering Docker book cover

We say it a lot, but Docker really is making a huge impact in just about every corner of the tech world. That’s why we’re so excited about the new edition of Mastering Docker – we know there’s a huge range of engineers, developers, and admins still getting to grips with the software, so this guide has arrived at a perfect time to help you explore the full scope of what’s possible with the tool that’s driving the container revolution.

Game Development, Hardware and Creative Projects

When it comes to game development we’ve got a small but sweet selection of new content. If you’ve been spending time getting acquainted with UE4, we think you’ll like Intermediate Coding Concepts with UE4. It’s a video that will really help you get to grips with the full scope of what’s possible with the game engine. By approaching it from the perspective of performance, it will challenge you to start thinking about what’s actually happening when you build your game.

Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT) book coverIntermediate Coding Concepts with UE4 book cover

In terms of hardware, we’ve got new content on some of the most exciting innovations happening in tech today. We think Analytics for the Internet of Things is particularly exciting. Taking in the big questions about IoT infrastructure and how to manage the wealth of possibilities that come from the wealth of data it creates, this guide provides useful insight for everyone from technology decision makers to data scientists working with IoT data.

Networking and Servers

One of the most exciting new video courses is Ethical Hacking for Beginners. With security becoming an increasingly important issue, penetration testers are going to grow in value. That means it’s a pretty good time to start learning the fundamentals of ‘ethical hacking’.

Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp book coverImplementing DevOps with Ansible 2 book cover

We also have plenty of DevOps related content new for August. Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2 is a nice practical insight that shows you what DevOps looks like when it’s applied to the real-world. But for the DevOps-inclined, Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp and the new Learning Puppet video might also come in useful.

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