New Learning Paths – September 2019

//New Learning Paths – September 2019

We’ve just released a range of new Learning Paths. Bringing together the best products to give you a comprehensive journey through a topic or technology that’s new to you, they’re a really useful way of giving your learning a focus.

So, set yourself a learning plan for September and commit to learning something new this fall.

Getting Started with Malware Analysis

Learn how to conduct malware analysis. Get to grips with modern security techniques to analyze, investigate, and respond to malware incidents. Decode common encoding and encryption algorithms. Explore the tools used for reverse engineering. Find Out More

Getting Started with Kubernetes

Learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes. Orchestrate and automate container deployments. Host on AWS and Azure and work at scale. Understand Kubeless, Funktion and Fission. Find Out More

Getting Started with Hadoop

Improve your Hadoop skills. Visualize data with Apache Superset, solve Big Data use cases including payment analysis, threat analysis, and sentiment analysis. Explore Hadoop’s support for deep learning. Find Out More

Getting Started with Spark

Get started with Spark for analytics and stream processing. Work with core functions of Spark including RDDs, DataFrames, and transformations. Work with Spark’s built-in modules for SQL, machine learning, streaming and graph analysis. Find Out More

Getting Started with Vue.js

Learn Vue.js to build web applications. Start with the basics and work with components, props and slots. Build single page applications with Nuxt.js and Vue-Router, create real-time applications with Vuex, and design a fashion store by understanding server-side rendering. Find Out More

Getting Started with Scala

Learn Scala to build applications with functional and object-oriented programming. Work with Akka to write concurrent distributed applications. Develop a REST API using Play Framework and build applications using Spark to perform streaming analytics. Find Out More

Getting Started with Flutter

Get started with Flutter. Deploy native mobile apps on iOS and Android, build applications using BLoC architecture, RxDart, and StreamBuilder, and create real projects including a payments app and a coffee store app. Find Out More

Getting Started with vSphere

Build virtual infrastructures with vSphere. Design and plan infrastructure, manage network and storage resources, and design vSphere instances for performance, availability, and security. Find Out More

Getting Started with Git

Learn Git for version control. Navigate Git to leverage all features, including branching, merging and rebasing, enhance daily work with Git Hooks, and provision so you can recover easily from mistakes. Find Out More

Getting Started with Unreal Engine 4

Build games with Unreal Engine 4. Learn C++17 programming and apply it to game development. Script monsters with intelligent AI, create particle systems and use Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer to create UIs. Find Out More

Getting Started with TypeScript

Learn the fundamentals of TypeScript to develop web applications. Understand key constructs including interfaces, classes, and inheritance. Implement modularization, use design patterns, and learn about key compatible frameworks. Find Out More

Getting Started with Kotlin

Get started with Android development with Kotlin. Build interactive applications with effective UI design, craft layouts with CardView and ScrollView, and work with animations, widgets and dialogue. Learn how to create and manage database operations. Find Out More

Getting Started with Julia

Learn Julia to build high-performance analytical applications.Leverage parallel processing and asynchronous networking using libuv, understand time series analysis, and apply forecasting techniques to model data. Find Out More

Getting Started with Python for Finance

Learn Python for financial analysis. Implement algorithms in Python to analyze and predict time value of money, stock and bond evaluations, and for capital asset pricing. Use deep learning techniques with Keras to prepare a forecasting case study and analyze the stock market. Find Out More

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