Mapt is evolving. Say hello to Packt subscription

//Mapt is evolving. Say hello to Packt subscription

Mapt launched over two years ago to help developers keep their tech skills up to date. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about the needs and priorities of our users and we’re always striving to make your subscription work better for you.

Today we’re excited to launch a completely overhauled learning experience: the Packt subscription. You can access the new experience right now.

Let’s go through what’s changed.

No more Mapt. Just Packt.

  • We’ve made the decision to retire the Mapt brand. We wanted to deliver a more seamless and integrated experience across Packt products and subscription services.
  • To do this, we’ve designed a single brand for Packt. Your Mapt subscription will become your Packt subscription. Don’t worry – there’ll be no other changes to your access to content, or terms and conditions.

New improved search and navigation

  • A Packt subscription is all about content. The new service has been designed to make it even easier to find exactly what you need.
  • An overhauled search. Search is more customisable, contains more information, and gives more relevant results.
  • New navigation UIs. We’ve made it easier to explore new areas and get right to learning with a revamped top nav bar.
  • New credits interface. You can now see how many credits (formerly tokens) you have, and track your progress towards earning new ones.
  • Updated library. We’ve removed outdated content, so you only learn what you need to.

New ways of learning skills

  • Your new subscription features over 40 new and updated learning paths designed to get you quickly engaged with the very latest Packt content. Complete with practical code exercises, learning paths now focus on skills for specific tasks rather than job roles.
  • We know you only have so much time to learn. That’s why Packt subscription features 100 projects, designed to get you building a complete app or tool in 2 hours or less.

New mobile app for offline reading

Offline reading – your number one most requested feature – is available with the new Packt subscription app.

If you’ve already downloaded the Mapt app, it will automatically update to reflect the changes.

If you haven’t already downloaded the app then you can get it here:

Download Packt on the App Store

Access your new subscription here.

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