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Learn TensorFlow and stay relevant in the data world with Packt.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library which provides powerful Machine Intelligence. Whether you’re looking to unlock the full power of Artificial Intelligence, or explore the world of Machine Learning, TensorFlow provides the perfect place to start. With Packt’s entire extensive library, you can be sure you won’t hit a brick wall, as our library covers a wide range of topics, tools and languages, giving you all the knowledge you require to stay relevant.

Keeping up with the latest developments in TensorFlow and Data can be challenging, which is why Packt helps you to stay relevant with titles on Machien Learning, Deep Learning and much more. The Packt platform gives you the power to learn in a way that suits you, whether you’re online or offline.

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The entire Packt library is available on all devices, whether it’s desktop, mobile or tablet. With the newly released Packt mobile app, you can browse each title, with the option of taking your learning offline, giving you the power to learn free of distraction no matter where you are.

Our TensorFlow titles cover a vast range of disciplines, including Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks and Deep Learning, ensuring you gain in-depth knowledge of each area regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced data engineer.

No developer is an island. Learn from our global author community.

We have worked with over 3,000 developers to make eBooks and Videos that help developers learn new skills. No matter what situation you face, one of our authors has been there before, and will help you out. eBooks and Videos are the original asynchronous pair programmers.

Our authors are from all over the world, and each one brings their own unique style to help you learn. What unites them is a passion for helping you put your new skills to work, as quickly as possible.

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