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Artificial Intelligence is all around us, with it continuing to advance at an ever-growing rate. Whether you’re looking to develop an AI application, or make us of data mining, Packt has the perfect selection of titles for you.

Our AI titles give you the upper hand in the world of robotics and machine learning, with industry leading experts giving in-depth guides to the world of artificial intelligence to help you stay relevant.

Packt helps you learn one of the fastest growing languages, with titles on web development and penetration testing to name a few

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Whether you’re looking to understand Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, or want to use Python for AI, our library provides you with the perfect selection of books and videos for you.

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No developer is an island. Learn from our global author community.

We have worked with over 3,000 developers to make eBooks and Videos that help developers learn new skills. No matter what situation you face, one of our authors has been there before, and will help you out. eBooks and Videos are the original asynchronous pair programmers.

Our authors are from all over the world, and each one brings their own unique style to help you learn Python in a way that suits you. What unites them is a passion for helping you put your new skills to work, as quickly as possible.

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