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What you get with Packt Subscription

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What you get with Packt Subscription.

Packt helps you learn new skills faster, and gets you back to writing code, quicker. A Packt Subscription is built to keep you relevant in tech.

Access every Packt eBook and Video ever published.

From Angular to Zurb, PHP to Python, unlock unlimited access to over 7,000 eBooks and videos covering every key topic in tech.
100+ new titles published every month.

Learn better with Learning Paths built for you.

Our curated Learning Paths keep track of your skills and progress, helping you to identify and learn the exact skills you need. They are proven to help you learn more effectively.

Download eBooks and Videos to watch offline

You can now take your learning with you with the Packt iOS & Android apps. You can download any eBook or Video to learn on the go, even without an internet connection.

Stay relevant with the most comprehensive library in tech

Being a great developer is about knowing more than just one technology or framework. Whether you’re a Front-End Engineer, Data Scientist, or SysAdmin, the Packt platform helps you know how technologies fit together, and what skills you need to master next.

Drawing from Packt’s extensive library of over 7,000 eBooks and video courses, 12 years of publishing expertise, and over 100 new eBooks and Videos a month, you can be assured that whatever technology or topic you need to know, we have it covered.

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Packt Subscription guides you through the skills you need to master.

Based on editorial expertise, industry research and our survey of over 30,000 developers, Learning Paths outline the programming skills that you need to stay on top of your area. Learning Paths are proven to keep you on track for longer, help you learn in a more structured way and make sure that you don’t come out with any gaps in your knowledge.

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“It’s the only career enriching subscription I feel I need”

Matt Winter , DevOps Engineer @ INRIX

“An awesome service focused on helping real-world working developers gain the skills they need”

Ken Reynolds, UI/UX Developer @ Prime Lending

“It is really outstanding; in my opinion it is the best service that exists.”

Christian B, Systems Architect @ Municipal of Vienna

“I’m very impressed with the coverage of topics and the speed with which they’re updated.”

David Reidy, Chief Developer @ uTeach

“Mapt is one of the best ways to keep your skills relevant in the tech industry.”

Ross Alexander, Web Developer @ Viabold

Make your learning stick.

Our assessments help you retain your learning for longer.

Unlike traditional learning platforms, we believe that you learn best when you write code. That’s why our assessments aren’t just multiple choice; we have code-completion and programming challenges to make sure your learning stays with you for longer. You can also see how you compare against other developers to help you benchmark your skills and see where you need to improve in the future.

  • Multiple choice

  • Code completion

  • Programming challenges

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No developer is an island. Learn from our global author community.

We have worked with over 3,000 developers to make eBooks and Videos that help developers learn new skills. No matter what situation you face, one of our authors has been there before, and will help you out. eBooks and Videos are the original asynchronous pair programmers.

Our authors are from all over the world, and each one brings their own unique style to help you learn. What unites them is a passion for helping you put your new skills to work, as quickly as possible.

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