Five reasons to begin a Packt subscription

//Five reasons to begin a Packt subscription

The Packt library provides you with all the tools you need to stay relevant in tech, whether you’re looking to brush up your PHP skills or take advantage of our learning paths to start from scratch. Here’s our top five reasons to begin a Packt subscription.

  1. An extensive range of content

    The tech industry is in a state of constant change. Technologies change, business needs and expectations evolve, and job roles inside engineering teams change as well, adapting in a way that allows companies to focus on delivering products and services in the way they believe is most effective.

    This means that if you’re working in the industry, you need to stay up to date and remain open to learning new skills. Trends like full stack development and DevOps are changing the scope of what it means to be a software engineer, which, in turn, means the skills and knowledge required is also changing.

    With a Packt subscription you’ll have full access to a huge library of content. So, if you’re a web developer that wants to develop their DevOps knowledge, or a data scientist that wants to build incredible data visualizations, you can find everything you need within a single platform.

  2. A constantly growing library with new products every week

    But the real value of a Packt subscription isn’t only the fact that it covers such a wide range of topics and technologies. It’s the fact that it’s constantly growing. With new eBooks and videos added every single week, you can be sure that the platform will always have up to date learning resources on what matters across the tech industry.

    As new trends emerge in different fields – impacting your job and your organization – Packt will have the content you need to get to grips with them. With a Packt subscription you won’t just adapt to change – you’ll be in a position to embrace it.

  3. Packt offers both text and video content

    Most learning platforms only offer video content – that’s great if that’s how you like to learn, and can be useful for structured and sustained learning, but it’s not so effective if all you need is a quick reference.

    Need to configure Docker to use a proxy? Need a refresher on how enumerate() works in Python? With a Packt subscription you can dip into text content and find the answers you’re looking for.

    By bringing together text and video content into a single library, you can choose which format you need and when. We know that many developers like the combination – text can complement video resources and vice versa.

  4. It’s easy to find the content you’re looking for

    With such a diverse range of content available on the platform, we’ve made it easy for you to find the content you want.

    Search is one of the most important activities for every software developer – we complement your Google searches by providing a reliable and authoritative place for you to find answers when the obvious options just aren’t delivering.

  5. Download free content to keep every month with credits

    Most subscription services don’t allow you to keep content  – you can have access, but you’ll lose it as soon as your subscription ends.

    With an annual Packt subscription, you’ll receive a credit every single month that entitles you to a free eBook of your choice. That lets you download and keep a title of your choice forever.

    Found something you love? Don’t ever lose access by using one of your free credits to download and save it to your machine.

Get started with a Packt subscription today and start a free trial or viewing our plans.

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