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Interactive Courses

Getting into code quickly is essential if you want to learn new skills and understand complex concepts with as little friction as possible. Interactive Courses do this with hands-on labs with coding exercises – this means you can write code in a live coding environment while reading tutorial content.

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Put your learning into practice

Don’t just read – write code.

Use the hands-on labs inside all Interactive Courses to put the skills you learn into practice. The live coding environment will embed techniques and concepts so you can be confident that you’re developing in the way that you want to be.

See how it works

It’s one thing to read about the principles behind technologies and approaches, but it’s only by seeing those principles in action that they really come alive.

Interactive Courses offer that new dimension. They illuminate complexity in a way that will allow you to easily apply your learning to new contexts and different projects.

Find Interactive Courses on essential and cutting-edge technologies

Packt subscribers have access to 65 Interactive Courses on a diverse range of technologies and topics.

Whatever you want to master and whatever you’re trying to develop, the hands-on labs inside Interactive Courses will help you learn more effectively.

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Beginning Python

a day

Learn the basics of Python with a series of lessons, activities, and challenges..


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Analyzing Text Data in Python

3 hours

Learn how to develop natural language processing (NLP) applications to extract insights from text data!


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Beginning React

10 hours

React is a data-driven library for JavaScript that allows you to create interactive user interfaces.


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C++ Fundamentals

18 hours

Master C++, a powerful and fast object-oriented programming language.


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