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Stay relevant in an ever-changing world of tech

Practical learning for experienced developers, with an extensive library of 7,000+ eBooks and Videos available in our intuitive reader for desktop and mobile

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Learn anytime, anywhere

All of our titles are available both in your browser and in our mobile app – that means you can take your learning with you and brush up on your skills no matter where you are. Not only that, but you can take advantage of our in-app offline reading and take your learning where mobile data hasn’t gone yet.

1000+ technologies and growing

Over 15 years we have curated eBook and Video courses on over 1,000 technologies – from Python and PHP to Angular and Android. Easily find the best course for you with topic search and sorting.

Organise your learning with playlists

Organizing your favorite content in a way that’s relevant and useful to you is an integral part of any online library.

Playlists allow you to save and sort titles in whichever way you want. Want to put together the best React content? Put it in your personal React playlist. Want to group together your favorite Go products? Start a new Golang playlist.

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Intuitive in-content search

Searching for key information when you are solving problems is often a challenge. With our in-content search, you can find what you need, fast.

The accuracy of search means that no time is wasted trawling through content which isn’t relevant, giving you more time to grow your skillset and stay relevant in tech.