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Learning Paths: the fastest route to new skills.

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Learning Paths

Save yourself time.

Learning effectively is all about making the most of your time.

That’s why Learning Paths direct you straight to the content that’s relevant to you, whether that involves learning new tech, checking current knowledge, or looking for a solution.

Our Learning Paths are based on data gathered from surveying 30,000 professional developers, and contain all the content you need on the essential technologies of modern software development.

What are Learning Paths?

Learning Paths are skill-focused collections of titles, curated by our editorial team.
Titles (eBooks or videos) are hand picked with quality, currency, and relevance in mind, and placed in a recommended learning order along with a minimum recommended learning time. This is based on how long we estimate users need to gain practical value out of a path.

Paths are divided into three levels, “Getting started”, “Improving”, and “Mastering” based on the knowledge levels of the learner, and their learning objectives.

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