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Nevzat Akkaya

Koc Holding Emekli Vafki

Matching the learning to your needs

Mapt: First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Nevzat: I’m a programmer since good old DOS days (20+ years). I happily coded with Assembly, C, C++, Delphi (Pascal), and HTML-JS-Java lately. I’m also an IT support specialist (sysadmin). Working at full-stack plus help desk is tiring and requires a lot of resources to read and practice. That’s where Mapt helps me exactly!

M: Just how big is the challenge of staying relevant in tech, and what does it require?

N: It’s especially tiring and very hard if you’re the one responsible for a company’s web site (full-stack) and also helping the other workers. That requires enormous information and experience.

M: What led you to start using Mapt?

N: I must be able to reach all the books and resources to do my job. Otherwise, I’ll definitely fail. Mapt gives you all the resources and power to do your job.

M: Have you set up a Skill Plan to help guide your learning journey?

N: Java is my focus area. However, I’m  also interested in learning Python too, as I think Python will ease my work. I’ve recently set up the Python developer Skill Plan.

M: What are you going to do with the new skills you’ve learned through Mapt?

N: I’m going to rewrite our web & intranet site after I have finished reading the Responsive Web Design and Bootstrap books. I’ll also use some Python scripts in my daily tasks and for some of the tasks our users do.

M: If you could give one piece of advice to Mapt users, what would it be?

N: Mix and match Mapt resources to your specific needs. For example, there are a lot of books on Python, however, you don’t need all of them, just read the relevant ones and practice. That’ll help quickly.

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