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Michael Reiser


Taking My Learning More Seriously in 2017

Mapt: Software changes ridiculously fast, and we applaud developers who aim to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. What’s your story?

Michael: My job as an engineer requires that I stay extremely flexible, and am able to apply specific solutions to specific problems quickly and efficiently. I am expected to learn new things quickly, and be able to apply that knowledge in a timely manner.

Mapt: What first motivated you to subscribe to Mapt?

M:In my role I need relevant information as quickly as possible, especially with emerging technologies, where freely available information is inconsistent or unreliable. Mapt delivers on relevance and information quality on emerging tech.

Mapt: What have you been leveraging Mapt for recently?

M: Full stack LOB (line-of-business) web applications and mobile apps. As I am constantly moving from solution to solution as I complete them, I typically am forced to acquire just enough information to provide a solution, then move on quickly to the next. Because of this, I need relevant information for the project I’m building so I maintain a Mapt subscription to access that early and emerging content.

Mapt: What’s the coolest thing you are going to do with your improved skills?

M: Definitely cross-platform mobile applications. I really like building mobile solutions for our back-end applications.

Mapt: Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other users who are looking to develop their tech skills with Mapt?

M: I like the idea of the Skill Plans in Mapt. Much of my previous studying methodology for projects (typically, need-to-know only) leaves me with knowledge gaps in some of the basics. I plan to take Skill Plans more seriously in my future studies. That’s the primary reason I’ve renewed my Mapt subscription for the new year.

M: Finally, I would remind other users that knowledge and skill sets are the best job security. This has been proven to me time and time again over the years.

M: And best of all, the pursuit and application of new knowledge is what makes my work so rewarding in the end. Learning is fun! Especially when the right tools are available, like Mapt.

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