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Dave Warner

Northrop Grumman

Re-engaging with Python Through Mapt  

Mapt: First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Dave: I am a database administrator that has done intensive software development in the past.  I have also written articles about Python in the 2000s for O’Reilly and IBM’s Developerworks.  I am re-engaging with Python after almost a decade working almost exclusively with database technologies (Oracle, SQL Server, Big Data).

M: Do you have any tips for staying relevant in tech?

D: I began in software development in the 1980s, working in multiple languages and technologies, from DBase II to HBase, from Turbo Pascal to C#.  It’s the fundamentals that matter.  Acquisition of new technology is made easier when you understand the underlying concepts and approaches.

M: What led you to start using Mapt?

D: I’m re-engaging with Python after almost a decade devoted to database administration.  I appreciate the guidance and structure that Mapt gives me.

M: Have you set up a Skill Plan to help guide your learning journey?

D: Yes, I am currently working my way through the Python developer skill plan.

M: What’s the coolest thing you’ve done with the skills you’ve gained?

D: I have a provisioning application that allows users to access Hadoop resources.  The application, written in Python, uses the Apache Ambari custom service framework.

M: If you could give one piece of advice to Mapt users, what would it be?

D: Set aside at least three to five hours a week to devote to working your skill plan.

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