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Subscriber Success Stories

Chris Gibson


Learning DevOps (With a little help from Skill Plans)

Mapt: How would you describe yourself?

Chris: I’m an ops guy trying to expand my knowledge of Dev methodologies and tools to better support my colleagues.

M: Do you think it’s important to strive to stay relevant in development?

C: I’m always trying to keep my eye on the latest dev trends. My company may not adopt them for years, but when they do I don’t want to be playing catch up while I deliver the supporting infrastructure.

M: What first motivated you to subscribe to Mapt?

C: The guided Skill Plans really appealed; a subject like DevOps is huge. Most of the time you don’t even know where to start, and Skill Plans give you that knowledge. I’ve worked with Windows for over 16 years, but now I’m learning Linux and Docker. I would never have come this far, this fast, without Mapt.

M: What’s the coolest thing you are going to do with your improved skills?

C: Hopefully shock the heck out of our Linux admins with my new Bash skills.

M: If you could give one piece of advice to Mapt users, what would it be?

C: Pick a Skill Plan you find interesting. That’s the best way to complete one.

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