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Asko Laitinen


Maintaining New Skills and Techniques

Mapt: Tell us your story – why do you need to stay relevant in tech for your role?

Asko: It’s important to stay on the cutting edge of technological developments to ensure software reliability and be able to work both independently and in groups, regardless of what technology is used. For me, things related to software testing and quality are particularly important. Over the years, I have worked with issues related to software quality activities. Tests, design, coding, and software maintenance are key issues for which I have been responsible.

M: What first encouraged you to use Mapt?

A: I was encouraged to use Mapt by a desire to learn new technology like Nodejs and MongoDB. I wanted to develop my skills related to software testing, in particular, JavaScript, performance and penetration testing. My aim is to maintain new skills and techniques required for software production, so that development and testing of the software is faster and more stable.

M: What’s been your main area of focus? Have you set up a Skill Plan to help guide your learning journey?

A: In particular, I have focused on testing related issues such as DevOps methods and tools. I’m also familiar with the Node.js technology and in particular the REST API integration testing.  I have set my skill plan and designed a learning path within Mapt that helps to develop my skills further. At the moment, my skill plan includes DevOps Engineer and MEAN Developer.

M: What’s the coolest thing you are going to do with your new or improved skills?

A: The coolest thing I’m going to be able to do is take advantage of Node.js expertise in testing and especially when completing load tests. I will also be starting my own development project that will include Mean stack apps.

M: Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other users who are looking to develop their tech skills with Mapt?

A: My advice would be that you should have an open mind to developing new skills. At the beginning, things can seem a little confusing, but eventually things start progressing quite nicely. Also, you should set yourself a skill plan to help you focus on the essential aspects of your learning.

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