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At Packt, everything we create – from textbooks and videos to online learning platforms- is designed to help professional developers learn and achieve success in their tech career.

We will be working with 12 industry experts as part of our Customer Advisory Board from January until December 2017 to help us shape and develop our new developer skills platform, Packt Subscription. The board will be collaborating and consulting with us on many fronts, from helping us define the vision, strategy and direction of Packt Subscription to giving feedback on product features and prototypes.

What’s involved?
Our Customer Advisory Board members will have the opportunity to:
-Help us to define the vision, strategy and direction of our products (Packt Subscription desktop, Packt Subscription app).
-Feedback on how our products approach the problems that our developers face.
-Understand and communicate the developer market and technology trends and what their effects might be.
-Help us with functional prioritization of product features at a strategic level.
-Discuss processes, practices and challenges relating to our products.

Why do we think it’s important to have a Customer Advisory Board?
We believe that working with our customers will help us further understand and articulate the actual business problems that our developers face now and into the future, whilst gaining fresh and innovative thinking across a range of tech roles and organisations. Gaining a deeper understanding of how our developers learn and the problems that they face will allow us to make better informed decisions about Packt Subscription’s strategy and direction of growth which will help ensure our developers find the most value in Packt Subscription for their learning.