Credit Fix for Packt Subscribers – October 2019

//Credit Fix for Packt Subscribers – October 2019

We have made an update to credits on Packt.

Previously a monthly credit was released on the day of the month a customer originally signed up. This has now changed. From October onwards credits will always be released on the first day of the month.

A minority of customers had previously experienced a delay in credits being issued which were rectified manually by the team here at Packt HQ. Subscribers on Annual or 18 Month plans will now get their monthly credit released automatically on the 1st throughout their subscription term.

Customers can check your credits by going to the Rewards page.

A reminder: Credits can be used to claim, download and permanently own any Packt title in a DRM-free format like PDF, ePub, Mobi or MP4. This is an exclusive feature for long term subscribers.

Want to keep Packt in your pocket or bag? Try the Packt mobile app for iOS and Android and learn on the go. It lets you download unlimited eBooks and video sections to your device so you can learn at your leisure – great if you’re struggling to find the time to invest in regular learning.

Not tried a Packt subscription yet? You can get a 10 day trial with unlimited access by clicking here.

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