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“I love hearing about children learning to program and if my books help that is awesome.”

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Sreelatha Sankaranarayanan


Author of Learning IBM Bluemix

“The Internet of Things and cognitive technologies are shaping the IT landscape and defining future applications and workloads.”

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“An exciting trend on the horizon is Big Data and Machine Learning driving’bots’ combined with content management systems.”

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“I think the Internet of Things is definitely the most exciting trend at the moment.”

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Piergiorgio Lucidi

Author of GateIn Cookbook and Alfresco 3 Web Services

“The Open Source Way is increasingly delivering quality and transparency across many market sectors.”

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Randall Smith

Author of Docker Orchestration.

“The infrastructure as code paradigm has been a huge win for the industry.”

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I simply love working on computers. It really never mattered what I was doing, which has lead me through several different paths.

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Jon Hoffman

Young developers today don’t need an advice. They have fewer inhibitions, are more confident, and are willing to go all out.

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Sreelatha Sankaranarayanan
You could argue that my success is a result of me embracing technologies that minimize the amount of code I have to write.

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Mark Price
I don’t really see myself as a developer, more of a hobbyist who likes to share with the world what I am doing.

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Marco Schwarz

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